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World Changers students change stereotypes
A participant in World Changers works on a house in Little Rock as a part of World Changers. Photo by Sarah Davis

World Changers students change stereotypes

Jun 14, 2018

Sarah Davis
Arkansas Baptist News

LITTLE ROCK – While some teenagers waste away their summer days, others volunteer to work in the sun and share the love of the Son.

“The younger generation gets such a bad rap. People think they don’t care about anything, but these students are a great testament,” said Megan Conley, a World Changers representative. “They are willing to work in the hot sun all day long for a week to show others that they care about a community they’ve never been to before.”

A total of 200 students and adults from seven states served in Little Rock through World Changers June 11-16. During the week, volunteers completed 17 projects, including 13 home rehabs and four backyard Bible clubs.

With the help of Little Rock’s housing and neighborhood programs, World Changers has completed 281 projects over the past 12 summers.

“I just spent the past two years renovating the inside of my house,” said May Harden, one of the homeowners helped this year. “It was going to take me a while to save money to renovate the outside, but with World Changers and the city program, I can get it done now.”

Bailey Mammen, a student from Lawson, Mo., has participated in World Changers four times.

“Seeing how we impact people’s lives is really cool,” Mammen said. “Getting the opportunity to come and work for them is amazing, but we also get to share the love of Jesus through our work.”

Julio Villarreal from Clinton, Mo., has worked with World Changers twice.

“World Changers made me realize how much work I should put into my community and spreading the Word. A lot of people aren’t as fortunate as I am, and they don’t have a relationship with Jesus,” Villarreal said.

In 1990, World Changers was started under the Memphis-based Brotherhood Commission as a way to provide a weeklong mission project for students. The goal is to equip students to be lifelong gospel sharers by providing them training and experience.

Now supported by the North American Mission Board and sponsored by Lifeway Christian Resources, World Changers has provided mission projects for more than 300,000 volunteers in the past 28 years.
Starting this year, the organization will include the mission projects formerly known as P2 Missions – a church planting mission project – and Infusion Missions – an urban mission project – under the World Changers banner to now offer construction, church planting and urban missions in dozens of cities.

World Changers will be in Fort Smith June 25-30, where they have completed 113 projects in the past six years.

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