Valued - Explore the Bible for July 1 2018

    June 27, 2018

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    Explore the Bible
    July 1 2018
    David Vick
    Hot Springs
    2 Samuel 9:1-13

    Pay it forward. Have you ever wanted to do something nice for the family of a person who meant a lot to you? David set the example by doing a good thing for the sake of his dear friend and Saul’s son Jonathan in spite of Saul’s increased jealousy of David in his later years. David never sought to harm Saul but he continued to respect him as God’s anointed ruler.

    When David became king of Israel after the deaths of Saul and Jonathan he sought out any surviving members of Saul’s household to show them kindness for Jonathan’s sake (2 Sam. 9:1). A man named Ziba formerly a servant of Saul informed David that Jonathan’s son Mephibosheth crippled in both feet was living in Lo-debar.

    King David sent for Mephibosheth and had him brought to the palace (2 Sam. 9:5).

    Not knowing what was in store for him Mephibosheth fell on his face before David in submission (2 Sam. 9:6) and declared himself a servant to the new king. Maybe he feared for his life since both Saul and Jonathan were then dead. David calmed his fears by assuring him that he just wanted to show kindness for his father Jonathan’s sake. And what an act of kindness!

    Mephibosheth probably could not believe his ears. Not only would he be given all the land that had belonged to his grandfather Saul but also Ziba’s huge family and servants were assigned to cultivate the land and harvest the produce for Mephibosheth (2 Sam. 9:7). Added to that Mephibosheth would eat regularly at the king’s table as one of the king’s sons. Mephibosheth was amazed that the king would even notice him referring to himself as a dead dog – a nobody.

    David went above and beyond for Mephibosheth and his son Mica.

    We can clearly see God working through this story. It reminds us that He is true to His promises calling us while we are crippled by sin and inviting us to eat at His table. God deals with us by His grace and not our merits or works and He blesses beyond anything we could expect. We love because He first loved us (1 John 4:19).