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Unwavering faith - Bible Studies for Life for October 15, 2017

Oct 6, 2017

Bible Studies for Life
October 15, 2017
Gayla Parker
Little Rock
Numbers 13:26-30; 14:6-10, 21-24

In the movie “Amazing Grace,” Billy said to Wilbur, “We are too young to realize that certain things are impossible, so we do them anyway.” If my father were still alive, he would have said, “Billy must be related to my stubborn daughter, Gayla.” When I was told 5’8” was too tall for aerial moves in gymnastics, I did them anyway. When I was told I needed a split-handle ski rope for a slalom ski, I didn’t have one so I used our single handle and did it anyway. Looking back, I see where my dad thought I was stubborn.

A few personalities in the Bible display this same stubborn trait. Some of them were stubborn in their rebellion toward God, but some were stubborn in their faith in God. In the account of Caleb scouting the Promised Land, we see both. The Israelites rebelled against the Lord and allowed fear to drive them. The consequences of that act of stubbornness kept them from the Promised Land. Caleb, however, knew that with God nothing was impossible. Not only did he make it to the Promised Land, his descendants possessed it (Num. 14:24).

Who else is among the stubborn? Abraham fathered a son at 99, saying, “Is anything too hard for the LORD?” (Gen. 18:14, ESV). Nehemiah built a wall in 52 days (Neh. 6:15). Esther went against protocol saving her people (Esth. 4:14). Elisha trusted God to fill a ditch with water in the middle of a drought. “This is a light thing in the sight of the LORD” (2 Kings 3:18, ESV). A virgin gave birth to the Savior. “For nothing will be impossible with God” (Luke 1:37, ESV).

What if they had rebelled and acted in fear rather than trusting God and acting in faith? I’m not sure Billy and Wilbur did what they did because they were too young to know better; maybe they did what they did because they knew God. What impossible task do you have? Can you say, “We have too much faith in God to know these things are impossible, so we do
them anyway”?

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