Tithing: an obedient response to a gracious God - Bible Studies for Life for July 15 2018

    June 28, 2018

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    Bible Studies for Life
    July 15 2018
    Matthew Duran
    Little Rock
    Malachi 3:7-12

    Have you ever taken a shortcut only to discover it was not short at all? Have you ever been sure about something only to discover what you were sure about was not sure at all? Shortcuts rarely work out and sure things are rarely sure.

    One principle the Bible teaches us is a sure thing and has no shortcuts is obedience – obedience to the call and command of God on our lives and obedience to bless His name.

    The faithfulness of the Lord to His people demands obedience and obedience demands faith – not in hoping everything will turn out right but knowing everything will turn out exactly how God wants it to because He is

    At the end of the book of Malachi we learn that the Lord’s people were not obedient to Him but in His grace He desired they return to Him. It’s not that they missed church a few Sundays during football season. They were not being faithful with their money which was a gift the Lord had given them. The people of God had ceased to give to God what was rightfully His and thus they were being disobedient. Their actions reflected their disobedient hearts.

    However God wanted to bless His children who were made in His image so He called them back to Himself through obedience in their giving. Their negative actions reflected their hearts and their hearts pursued disobedience. Their hearts as Jesus said in the New Testament were with their treasure and not with the Lord.

    Our gifts to the Lord are not for His sake but for our need to be obedient and the need for His name to be glorified in all of the earth.

    Let us ask God to take our money our act of obedience and receive glory for the sake of the kingdom.