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The protector - Explore the Bible for August 20, 2017

Aug 10, 2017

Explore the Bible
August 20, 2017
Gerald Nash
Psalm 141:1-10

Recently I had a wonderful conversation with a dear lady born in Hamburg, Germany. Olga grew up in Nazi Germany. Her father was a fisherman and out to sea for long periods of time.

When he was home, Olga and her mother lived in constant fear. Her father was an outspoken critic of Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich. His open criticism alone could have led to their arrest and execution. The situation was complicated by foreign workers who would turn in dissidents to gain favor with the authorities.

Olga’s father refused to allow anything religious into the home. While her father was out at sea, her mother taught her different prayers.

Olga became very emotional during this part of our conversation. She raised both hands up and said, “What else could we do? All we had were those prayers my mother taught me.” Prayer was their only protection. As I listened to Olga’s story, it reminded of David’s situation in Psalm 141.

David was being pursued and persecuted by King Saul. On the run and in hiding, David was facing a seemingly hopeless situation. He pictured his bones being scattered at the mouth of the grave like upturned rocks in a plowed field (Psa. 141:7). He cried out, “But my eyes look to You, Lord God” (Psa. 141:8, HCSB). When our situations and circumstances look hopeless, we must turn to God who is our Refuge.

David prayed with a sense of urgency (Psa. 141:1). He offered his prayer as incense while raising his hands in an act of worship (Psa. 141:2). David also prayed that the Lord would guard his words, desires and actions during these difficult times (Psa. 141:3-5). It is always a great temptation to treat the enemy in an ungodly manner. David sought refuge in the Lord, asking for protection from the traps and snares of the enemy (Psa. 141:8-9). He asked the Lord to let his enemies fall into their own traps and allow him to pass safely by (Psa. 141:10).

God is our Refuge. In Him we can find hope, strength and help in our times of need.

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