Smith: 'The Pastor in Need of Friends'

    October 21, 2018

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    JONESBORO – Jarvis Smith pastor of Second Baptist Church West Helena shared the final sermon of the afternoon session of the Arkansas Baptist State Convention Pastors’ Conference titled “The Pastor in Need of Friends.”

    If Christians are to understand Jesus as not simply our savior but as our friend we must understand the definition of the word “friend.”

    Tracing the history and various usages of the word “friend” the Christian’s friendship with Jesus is how we understand the will of the Father.

    “We need friends. Anybody who is called to serve anybody needs somebody” said Smith. “We need divine friendship because we need to know what God is doing.”

    Smith said that friends including Jesus stand with you during the trials of life.

    “The concept of friendship is biblical” said Smith. “Oh what a friend we have in Jesus.”

    Smith said that we should take all of our burdens to Jesus our friend in prayer. This is the only way that we can be saved and fortified for the journey of life.

    Pastors must have an intimate relationship with Jesus said Smith before preach-singing the passion story of Christ’s death burial and resurrection.

    In conclusion Smith encouraged pastors and ministers in the audience to come forward and pray for a more intimate relationship with Jesus and other people especially those from different cultures than their own.