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Right here, right now - Bible Studies for Life for August 27, 2017

Aug 10, 2017

Bible Studies for Life
August 27, 2017
Gayla Parker
Little Rock
Mark 5:1-2, 8-15, 18-20

Driving rules around the world are different than in America. In Europe drivers drive on the left side of the road; in Asia drivers learn to deal with major traffic.

More than one million people lived in our city when my husband and I were missionaries in the Philippines. Every day at every hour, there was traffic! The first order of business was to learn how to drive in that kind of traffic with the new set of rules. We learned if there is room for your bumper, there is room for your car; you just keep squeezing it in. Four marked lanes really mean eight lanes. The right of way is based on the size of the vehicle, and a red light is only a suggestion.

Not knowing the red light rule can cause problems. Most would assume a red light means cars will stop and those with a green light can continue through the intersection. That would be a false assumption.

In America, it would be a false assumption to assume that because America is considered a Christian nation, all Americans are Christians. Sadly, many see living a Christian life and being involved in church as just suggestions, like the red light. There is one huge difference. Ignoring the red light may cause a little car damage, but ignoring the need for a Savior will cause huge eternal damage.
According to LifeWay Research, only 4 percent of Americans born after 1982 will be reached by the church. For today’s believer, there is no need to go far to share your salvation story.

In Mark 5 the demon-possessed man went home to tell his family and friends how Christ changed his life. The Samaritan woman in John 4 went to her village to tell of the Man who knew everything about her.

The blind man in John 9 went home to tell his family how Christ healed his eyes. Telling our salvation story begins right here at home. The distance we travel is not nearly as important as being intentional about telling our salvation story right here, right now.

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