Promise kept - Explore the Bible for December 23 2018

    December 12, 2018

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    Explore the Bible
    December 23 2018
    Gerald Nash
    Luke 2:26-38; Gen. 27:29; 28:14; 49:8-12 (HCSB)

    Years ago I led a Promise Keepers group. I reiterated the fact that God is the ultimate Promise Keeper and we should keep our promises. One man’s wife told me that her husband was literally keeping promises he had made. He explained to her that he wanted to keep his promises like God kept His.

    God promised to send a Messiah Who would save the people from their sins. He kept His promise. The Abrahamic covenant was passed down to Isaac Jacob and his descendants. The covenant found its ultimate fulfillment in Jesus Christ. Luke recorded specific information in Gabriel’s greeting and announcement to Mary that points to Jesus being the fulfillment of Old Testament prophesy.

    Gabriel told Mary that she would conceive and give birth to a son and His name would be Jesus because He would save His people. Jesus would be greater than David King over all of Israel as the title “Son of the Most High” indicates (Luke 1:32). This would not be a normal earthly kingdom. Jesus Christ would have an eternal rule without end.

    Mary was quite confused. “Mary asked the angel ‘How can this be since I have not been intimate with a man?’ (Luke 1:34). Psychologically emotionally logically and physically it didn’t make any sense. Mary may have thought it was nonsense. Gabriel had the answer. The angel explained to Mary that the Holy Spirit would come upon her and overshadow her and that she would conceive the “Son of God” (Luke 1:34-35). It would be a divine miracle. This child she would carry and give birth to would be a special miracle of God not just for her but for the whole world. This holy child would be a holy King who would save all the peoples of the world from their sin.

    When Lee Strobel was finishing the research for his book “The Case for Christmas” he asserted “Christmas doesn’t mean very much without Easter.” Christmas prepares us for the ultimate sacrifice that we observe during Easter.