Praying for others - Bible Studies for Life for November 11 2018

    October 31, 2018

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    Bible Studies for Life
    November 11 2018
    Gerald Nash
    Matthew 6:11b; John 17:11-23 (HCSB)

    Matthew 6:9-15 has been called the Lord’s Prayer. It is better described as the Model Prayer. John 17:1-26 could be described as the Lord’s Prayer because it records Jesus’ prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane before He was betrayed. This prayer is usually called the High Priestly Prayer. This is appropriate because Jesus is our High Priest. In this amazing prayer Jesus prayed for Himself for His disciples and for the coming Church.

    Jesus focused His prayer in four areas. First Jesus focused His prayer upward. His focus was on the Father and His glory (John 17:1). Jesus glorified the Father on earth in His flesh. He did this by completing the work the Father gave Him to do (John 17:4).

    He also had an inward focus in which He prayed about His mission. He was about to be betrayed arrested unfairly tried mocked scourged humiliated abandoned and crucified. Jesus was praying “Let’s finish this.” Just before He breathed His last breath Jesus cried “It is finished.”

    Jesus’ prayer also had an outward focus. He prayed for His disciples. They would be left alone in a world that would be hostile toward them creating a huge challenge for them. So Jesus prayed for them because they are His and belong to the Father. He prayed the Father would protect them by His holy name. Holiness would be difficult for them so Jesus prayed for their purity.

    Jesus also had an onward focus. He was literally praying for you me and the coming Church. He prayed for all who would believe the gospel throughout the ages (John 17:20). He wants all believers to be in unity and filled with His love. He also prayed for the great homecoming that will happen in the future for all believers.

    One of the greatest privileges we have as Christians is to intercede on behalf of others. When we pray for others we emulate our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.