Politics and biblical values

    July 12, 2018

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    This is in response to Vivian Meins’ letter in Arkansas Baptist News June 28 2018.

    I am not writing to debate her. It would take a full page to accomplish that. My question for her is this: What would a representative of the Democratic Party have to offer me as a Bible-believing Christian?

    Would they disavow their party platform and tell me:

    1) They no longer support abortion?

    2) They will support the biblical definition of marriage being between one man and one woman?

    3) They agree that each of us is created by God and born with the biological sex God wants us to be?

    4) They support my right as a Christian not to honor or support sinful activities which the Bible admonishes against?

    5) They now allow Jesus and prayer back in schools and public meetings as the founding fathers did?

    I see no biblical values in the Democratic Party platform.

    I am elderly man living on Social Security and I enjoy the fact that President Trump’s tax plan has allowed me to keep more of that money which is unlike the Democrats who want to repeal his plan.

    John F. Hinkle
    Appomattox Va.