ABSC Pastors' Conference Panel discusses 'The pastor and brokenness'

    October 21, 2018

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    JONESBORO – The first panel discussion of the evening session of the Arkansas Baptist State Convention (ABSC) Pastors’ Conference Oct. 22 was titled “The pastor and brokenness.”

    Panelists included Craig Jenkins lead pastor of Beech Street First Baptist Church Texarkana; Robby Tingle lead pastor of First Southern Baptist Church Bryant; Ronnie Deal senior pastor of First Baptist Church Greenwood and Mike Seabaugh senior pastor of Central Baptist Church Magnolia. John McCallum senior pastor of First Baptist Church Hot Springs and president of the ABSC Pastors’ Conference moderated the panel.

    All four panelists have gone through very difficult times of brokenness in their lives. Jenkins walked with his wife through her battle with breast cancer; Tingle had a catastrophic car accident which has required 30 surgeries to remedy as well as his grandchild being born with developmental problems; Deal and his wife are currently going dealing with rebellious adopted children and Seabaugh’s college-aged daughter passed away in her sleep.

    Seabaugh said that his experience with grief and brokenness has led him to limp forward recognizing that if he is still alive God still has a work for him to accomplish even in his broken state.

    Deal said that his experience with brokenness led him and his wife to grow even more close together.

    Jenkins said that going through a season of brokenness in his own life allowed him to better utilize members of his congregation who themselves have experienced brokenness in order to minister to other people who are currently dealing with grief or brokenness.

    Tingle said that for believers in Christ God always uses brokenness as an opportunity to show Himself.

    In dealing with brokenness the panelists encouraged pastors and ministers to believe what they preach that they have friends who care for them and that broken lives can be restored through Christ.