On college campuses some evangelicals find room to reflect

    February 5, 2018

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    CHARLOTTESVILLE Va. (RNS) — The regulars punch a code in the front-door lock at any hour of the day or night. Rows of hot coffeepots greet the students as they enter through the hallway. And three floors of tables chairs couches and sofas are available for studying or lounging.

    The Center for Christian Study
    at the University of Virginia has been beckoning students since 1976 as a place to cram but also as a place to explore the relationship between faith and learning.

    The WiFi is free. The library has a few desktop computers (not to mention 12000 books). And of course there’s a kitchen.

    Christian students come here to socialize listen to a lecture participate in a book study or a small group get mentoring or counseling. Founded to serve students spiritually and intellectually the center attests to an evangelical willingness to take on science and the liberal arts.

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