Misled by hype

    July 12, 2018

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    Steve Gaines – as being a high level leader in Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) work – has a responsibility to be very careful [in his] actions in my opinion.

    [He is] an effective (quote: “God’s supernatural power is greater than any problem Southern Baptists have. ... Stop talking about how big your problem is and start talking about how big your God is”) preacher and SBC pastor who was doing great things in “person to person” “street” evangelism in Memphis.

    My question is this: What was gained by his joining publicly a group that wanted to have Confederate monuments removed? Besides national news this was covered in Arkansas Baptist News. He got his way with a very suspicious – at night no less – move to get it done. He did not have a part in the removal except for a public endorsement of the removal. I was embarrassed and shocked about his adding his name to a request to a state historical commission.

    How was God glorified by (Confederate soldier) Bedford Forrest’s (grave of him and his wife) statue being removed?

    Of personal note: I visited this site and was discussing the situation with a policewoman who happened to be black and was guarding [the statue] before the removal. She was very versed on the situation and said “This stuff about Bedford being a KKK member is blown out of proportion. It is like Michael Jordan selling tennis shoes. Yes he wears them but his image is being used to sell more. Same with Bedford” she said.

    Additionally I happened to inquire of black passersby; not one was offended by the statue. (It’s) sad how the public is misled by hype. We as Christians need to be very careful.

    Mike Woodside