Master’Singers Ukraine Mission Trip April 16-27; Michael Gott to speak

    February 15, 2018

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    LITTLE ROCK – In 2014 God used the ministry of Master'Singers to impact the people of Ukraine in ways no one could have imagined.

    Again in 2018 Arkansas Baptists have the opportunity to be a part of another special movement of God during the Master'Singers Ukraine Mission Trip April 16-27.

    Larry Grayson music and worship consultant with the Arkansas Baptist State Convention evangelism and church health team said already 74 are signed up to participate in the mission trip with
    many others “still praying about it.”

    “We will sing in seven cities at this time” said Grayson. “Two of the cities only have a venue that will seat 650 so in those cities we will sing two concerts of worship back to back with a 45-minute break.”
    Grayson said Master’Singers will once again work with evangelist Michael Gott who has invested much of his life and ministry in Ukraine over the years.

    “He has been meeting with local Baptist pastors to be certain a plan for publicity and follow-up on decisions is in place” said Grayson.

    “The group will sing for an hour and then Michael Gott will share a clear presentation of the gospel followed by the Master'Singers ending the concerts of worship.”

    The Master'Singers will fly to Ukraine in groups and will travel by bus each day to performance locations he said.

    “Because of the roads outside of the cities it usually takes twice as long to travel.
    The longest day of travel will take about five hours” said Grayson adding “In 2014 we sang to overflow crowds in every location who continually thanked us for coming and for ‘bringing God’ to them.”
    For more information on the trip email Grayson at or call 501-376-4791 ext. 5121.