Lottie Moon Christmas Offering to reach 'every nation'

    December 2, 2018

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    EVERY CHURCH. Every nation.

    To the International Mission Board (IMB) it is more than a catch phrase. It’s the core of what the IMB does and it’s the theme for the 2018 Lottie Moon Christmas Offering (LMCO) for International Missions.

    Lottie Moon a Southern Baptist missionary in China during the 1800s wrote letters urging American churches to send and support more international missionaries. In 1918 after Moon died on the mission field the Woman’s Missionary Union (WMU) named the annual Christmas offering for international missions for the woman who had challenged the WMU to start it.

    Through LMCO individuals and churches support more than 3600 missionaries enable disciples to be made and churches to be multiplied around the world and help reach the 3200 unreached people groups.

    In 2016 the IMB reported more than 45000 people were baptized and 4550 new churches were started overseas.

    “Because Southern Baptists give to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering IMB missionaries can take the gospel to unreached peoples around the world” said Debbie Moore Arkansas Baptists’ WMU executive director. “More than 2.8 billion people have little to no access to the gospel. Every church and every church member have a critical role to play in taking the gospel to the world.”

    Southern Baptists have two opportunities to support international missions. The first is to give financially to LMCO. The national goal for LMCO is $160 million and Arkansas Baptists’ goal is $6 million.

    “Every dollar we give makes a difference because 100 percent of the money collected goes to the work of reaching every nation and every people group” Moore said.

    The second opportunity is to pray during the Week of Prayer for International Missions Dec. 2-9.

    “The Week of Prayer is a week set aside to pray for our missionaries and their work around the world” Moore said. “The focus is to encourage church members to reach every nation by praying and giving.”

    Churches should have already received a packet of information and DVD from the IMB. If your church has not received the LMCO resources call the IMB at 800-999-3113. For additional resources contact the Arkansas Baptist State Convention missions team at 800-838-2272 or visit imb.org.


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