Letter to the Editor: Critical race theory and intersectionality

    July 4, 2019

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    After reading the article on the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) resolutions in the June 20 issue of the Arkansas Baptist News, I looked up the resolution on critical race
    theory and intersectionality.

    I appreciate the SBC’s stance up to a point. I do not like the premises (the Whereas clauses 2, 3 and 7).

    Clause 2 says the critical race theory and intersectionality are a set of analytical tools, and Clause 3 says they have been appropriated by individuals with worldviews contrary to the
    Christian faith. They are contrary to the Christian faith, but they did not “appropriate” them; they manufactured them and are being taught in secular schools as truth.

    Both terms started in the late 1980s. If you want to know where the term “white privilege” comes from, then look into critical race theory.

    Intersectionality is tossed about by the media and used widely by the worldly feminist movement. The average person probably does not know what it means.

    Intersectionality was a word manufactured by Kimberly Williams Crenshaw in 1989. It is not in my dictionary, so I had to rely on a post on the Internet. It points out that, “Critics have pointed out that intersectionality relies entirely on non-objective concepts such as ‘systems of power’ which themselves lack a material reality and therefore empirical basis for study, making it an ideological set of ideas, and not a proper sociological concept.”

    The SBC should steer clear of using these terms and using these worldly theories as analytical tools. They are anti-Christian.

    Christians can influence the world to a certain extent but we have no control on the secular world. We should not validate their ideas. They are wonderful at manufacturing “words,” but that gives them the privilege of defining them, and of course they can make them evolve. We can speak up and let our biblical views be known. If you do, be ready to give account of what you believe.

    Virginia “Ginny” Varn

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