Kirksey: 'The Broken Pastor'

    October 22, 2018

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    JONESBORO – Greg Kirksey teaching pastor of The Church at Rock Creek Little Rock shared a message titled “The Broken Pastor” during the evening session of the Arkansas Baptist State Convention Pastors’ Conference Oct. 22.

    The pastor told of his personal experience with tragedy and suffering including his wife dying from cancer fighting his own past battle with cancer losing his reputation due to dogmatic issues at his former church and finding out recently that he has a benign brain tumor.  

    Kirksey confessed that while boarding a plane back home from a trip to St. Thomas with his family during the last days of his wife’s life he had wished that the plane would have gone down and allowed he and his family to die together – rather than face the pain and suffering that they faced ahead. Kirksey admitted that he was not speaking as a model of how to handle tragedy but as a messenger.

    Speaking from Luke 24 he said that when experiencing spiritual darkness Christians must listen to voice of God and bear their soul.

    Sharing a regrettable moment in which he exclaimed that he would not continue in ministry if his brain tumor disfigured him Kirksey said that he came to understand that “if our commitment to Christ is not unconditional it is not healthy.”

    Kirksey told of a personal quiet time he had following his recent brain cancer diagnosis in which he said God visited him and “dispelled his darkness.” Much like the two men who met Jesus on the road to Emmaus when God visits you you should “ask Him to stay” he said.

    “In the midst of your darkness do not cut yourself off from the Word of God” said Kirksey.

    “Brokenness is a greater friend to a pastor than giftedness” he said. “Because you lift our faith out of the theoretical and put it into flesh and blood – real life – and you connect.”

    Kirksey ended his sermon by praying for those pastors and ministers who are in dark places that God would visit them like He did him and dispel their darkness with His light.