Keep standing - Bible Studies for Life for May 27 2018

    May 16, 2018

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    Bible Studies for Life
    May 27 2018
    David Vick
    Hot Springs
    Esther 8:1-8; 9:20-22 (ESV)

    Our God worked to deliver the Jews from Haman’s evil plot to destroy them. After Queen Vashti defiantly disobeyed her husband King Ahasuerus she was dethroned and in the providence of the Almighty God Esther was made queen.

    Esther’s courage to approach the king and plead for the Jews came from God and Haman’s wicked plot backfired. He was hanged on the very gallows he had prepared for Mordecai and the king honored Mordecai in the way that Haman himself had desired to be honored. But the story did not end with Haman’s death.

    God again gave Esther the courage to approach King Ahasuerus and implore him to overturn the edict that would destroy the Jews (Esth. 8:4-6). Not only did the king again extend to her the golden scepter of acceptance but also he heard her plea giving her and Mordecai his signet ring and commissioning them to write as they saw fit a new decree that would save the Jews from sure destruction (Esth. 8:7-8).

    In celebration of the victory of the Jews’ defeat of their enemies Mordecai declared an annual time of feasting and rejoicing to remind the Jews of that time when God delivered them and turned the tables on their enemies (Esth. 9:20-22).

    Esther honored God and was instrumental in saving her people from utter destruction. God used Mordecai to encourage and assist her and blessed them not for their own personal satisfaction but for the future of His people. He even rewarded Esther by placing her over the house of Haman.

    Man’s evil intents will never succeed over God’s divine plan. Esther had indeed been placed in a position of power and influence “for such a time as this” (Esth. 4:14).

    As we continue to see unfairness and injustice all around us we must ask God for the ability to stand firm and depend on His strength. Like Esther and her countrymen we also need to celebrate along the way.