Issue 1 is a pro life issue

    October 3, 2018

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    In the Aug. 23 issue of the Arkansas Baptist News Larry Page of the Arkansas Faith and Ethics Council states that Issue 1 on the November ballot referred to as tort reform is not a pro-life issue. While technically pro-life with the hyphen usually refers to opposition to abortion my opinion is the tort reform amendment is decidedly a pro-life issue and sanctity of life issue.

    Jerry Cox of the conservative Christian Family Council and Rose Mimms of the anti-abortion Arkansas Right to Life organization refer to opposition to this amendment as a pro-life issue. This has infuriated those pro-big business legislatures backing this amendment. Cox correctly states this issue sets a monetary value on life that demeans the worth of life.

    The amendment is designed to make it difficult for a person injured or wronged by the actions of a large corporation or business to receive compensation equal to the amount of suffering and harm done.

    Corporations with plenty of money and lawyers will have an overwhelming advantage over a family or an elderly person with few resources. This amendment also takes important decision-making on legal issues and rules of court procedures traditionally given to citizens and puts it in the hands of legislators heavily influenced by lobbyists and dark money providers.

    The values and beliefs that cause many of us to be pro-life are the same values and beliefs that influence us to oppose Issue 1 on tort reform.

    Ron West
    Little Rock

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