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    December 12, 2018

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    December 30 2018
    Gerald Nash
    Genesis 30:37-43 31:2-16 (HCSB)

    God uses a variety of means to lead His people but He leads foremost through His Word. It is important that Christians be involved in a regular systematic study of the Scriptures. However the Lord also leads through prayer. When we communicate with the Lord in praise petitions and intercessions He gives us insights and instructions. God uses the wise counsel of pastors teachers and other spiritual leaders to guide us to make decisions that impact our life. He can also use other means as we see in this lesson.

    Jacob had lived outside of the Promised Land for 20 years. He worked as Laban’s main shepherd in exchange for a share of the speckled and spotted female sheep and the dark-colored lambs. Laban cheated by moving these animals to a distant pasture. Jacob compensated by having his sons use breeding techniques so that the offspring would be speckled and spotted (Gen. 30:37-43).

    Jacob had become settled and wealthy in Haran. But God wanted Jacob to know that there was a greater purpose for his life and that he needed to go home to Canaan. God began the process by showing Jacob that Laban’s attitude toward him had changed. Then the Lord spoke to him and told him to go home. The Lord also promised to be with him. All that was required from Jacob was simple obedience. Jacob informed his wives of his intent to be obedient. Laban’s attitude had changed toward them as well. They were concerned about finances but understood that God had transferred Laban’s wealth to Jacob. Rachel and Leah affirmed their marital allegiance to Jacob and their willingness to follow in his obedience to God.

    Jacob realized the Lord had been with him the whole time (Gen. 31:5 7 9). We can be faithful because God is always faithful to lead us and be with us. His faithfulness should give us the confidence to trust in His leading. Remember if God is leading you from one place to another it is for a greater purpose and He will be with you.