‘Hateful’ letter

    July 26, 2018

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    I am writing in response to a letter by Vivian Meins printed in your June 28 issue of the Arkansas Baptist Newsmagazine.

    It is very hard to respond to such a hate-filled letter. I still can’t believe you printed such a disrespectful letter about the president of the United States in this Baptist magazine (and about the vice president)!

    Most people know that the reason Vice President Mike Pence was asked to speak at the Southern Baptist Convention Annual Meeting is that he is a really dedicated Christian. He wasn’t asked to speak because of his political affiliation.

    Ms. Meins thinks a Democrat should be invited to speak at the SBC. I disagree because the Democrat platform unapologetically advocates the killing of unborn children. This the Bible teaches is a complete abomination to our God.

    The final part of her letter was a tirade against the president. Such hate needs to be bathed in prayer but not given a voice in your paper. Printing letters like this degrades the magazine.

    Sonja Butler