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Graves to be nominated for president of SBC pastors' conference

Graves to be nominated for president of SBC pastors' conference

Apr 13, 2017

ARKANSAS NATIVE Brad Graves is expected to be nominated to lead the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) Pastors’ Conference when it meets in Dallas in 2018.

Graves, senior pastor of First Baptist Church, Ada, Okla., is a former member and staff member of Cross Church in Springdale.

Malachi O’Brien, pastor of prayer and church revitalization, First Baptist Church, Raytown, Mo., announced April 13 that he will be nominating Graves at this year’s SBC Pastors’ Conference in Phoenix.

“My reason for nominating Brad is because he is a leader that God is using mightily. Just recently, First Baptist Church of Ada experienced the presence of God in historic measure. During the Ada Awakening, they saw 200 people come to faith in Christ and more people baptized in a few short weeks than their church had seen in the last 2 ½ years combined. They saw several hundred students gather to worship, and the revival has made an impact across that community,” said O’Brien.

Graves has been a church planter in New England and in California, in addition to serving at the North American Mission Board and for a local Baptist Association in Cleveland, Ohio.

“Brad pastored in the city of Joplin, Mo., beginning in 2011, during the horrific and tragic events of the F5 tornado that killed 158 people and caused billions of dollars in damage. He led his church to be a major contributor to restoring his broken city,” said O’Brien.


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