God is faithful - Bible Studies for Life for April 1 2018

    March 21, 2018

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    Bible Studies for Life
    April 1 2017
    Caleb Yarbrough
    Little Rock
    Luke 24:1-12 (CSB)

    In recent years atheism has gotten a lot of publicity. Numerous debates have taken place between notable Christian and secular thinkers.

    One of the biggest points of contention during these debates is the resurrection of Christ.

    This is because if Christ resurrected like the Bible claims it is nearly indisputable that He was (and is) Who He said He was – the Son of Man and the Savior of the world.

    For believing Christians the resurrection of Christ is not merely a test of the truthfulness of our faith; it is the hope of our salvation and resurrection.

    In Luke 24:1-12 we read a stunning account of Christ’s empty tomb.

    Early on the Sunday morning following Christ’s crucifixion and death some women brought spices to His tomb intending to find His body. But what they found was miraculous; the tomb’s stone had been rolled away and there was no body to be found.

    Confused the two women were joined by two men in “dazzling clothes.” Taken off guard the women bowed to the ground. The two men asked them “Why are you looking for the living among the dead? ... He is not here but he has risen!” (Luke 24:5-6).

    “Remember how he spoke to you when he was still in Galilee saying ‘It is necessary that the Son of Man be betrayed into the hands of sinful men be crucified and rise on the third day’? And they remembered his words” (Luke 24:6-8).

    The women rushed back from the tomb and reported what they had seen to the apostles and many others. However much like today many of the people took their story as “nonsense” and did not believe them (Luke 24:11).

    The resurrection was completely unbelievable but it happened. After hearing from the women Peter went to the empty tomb and left “amazed at what had happened” (Luke 24:12).

    Every Easter we are reminded of the empty tomb and like Peter stand amazed at Christ’s work on our behalf.