Express appreciation for your pastor

    October 17, 2018

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    You may not know this but Don Moore – yes that Don Moore – was my first pastor.

    Don Moore: the former Arkansas Baptist pastor former executive director of the Arkansas Baptist State Convention and preeminent Baptist statesman.

    That being the case naturally I have always had a rather high bar when it comes to pastors.

    “Bro. Don” as my parents referred to him was in our home within a week or so after our family’s relocation to Jonesboro where my father and mother were the new owners of the local Mayflower Moving and Storage franchise.

    To this day my mother still references the fact that Bro. Don expressed amazement upon visiting our home remarking that she “already had hung all of our family pictures and put all of the moving boxes away.”

    It was during revival services at Walnut Street Baptist Church when I walked forward and gave my life to Christ and was baptized by Bro. Don at the church’s origp.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 10.5px Times} inal Walnut Street location.

    It was while our family were members of Walnut Street that my brother Mike nearly died from appendicitis and that I had surgery for a kidney infection. Our pastor Bro. Don was always there to pray for our restoration and healing.

    I know nearly everyone reading this column has just as many if not more wonderful stories of their current or former pastor than they can recount.

    The bottom line is that your pastor is a special person with a unique call on his life to preach teach pray and love his flock.

    A pastor is there during the highs and lows of our lives praying for us at times when we don’t even think we need it.

    They marry us and bury us all while preparing for their next sermon.

    The work of a pastor has never been easy but it is perhaps more difficult today than ever in the past 50 years because of all the cultural and social upheaval that our country has experienced.

    The ministry of the Church is changing but sometimes not fast enough to counteract these forces which keep many clergy up at night.

    Consider doing something special for your pastor during the month of October that may be out of the ordinary or
    even a bit unexpected.

    But don’t stop there. Our pastors should garner our encouragement every week of the year as they deal with the
    sometimes mundane and routine work of the Church.

    Text your pastor following his sermon. Give him a quick phone call just to say that you appreciate him. Drop by the church unexpectedly and offer to take him to lunch.

    But perhaps most of all pray for him and support him in his efforts to lead your church to storm the gates of hell. That’s what he’ll appreciate the most!

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