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    June 27, 2018

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    Explore the Bible
    June 24 2018
    David Vick
    Hot Springs
    2 Samuel 7:8-21 (ESV)

    Most of us don’t always follow through on our promises but we can be sure that God does. David knew this and was overwhelmed by God’s message to him through the prophet Nathan.

    In this covenant God made with David He said “I will make for you a great name” (2 Sam. 7:9) reaffirming God’s covenant with Abraham to make Israel a great nation.

    God reminded David of his humble beginnings as a shepherd boy and how He had made him ruler over Israel protecting and blessing him. The Lord declared that He would build “a house” for David (though David had earnestly desired to build a house for the Lord) and that He would provide a safe homeland and place of rest for His people Israel. God’s promise extended to David’s descendants beginning with David’s son Solomon. It would be Solomon who would build the temple for the name of the Lord and God would establish the throne of His kingdom forever (2 Sam. 7:12-13).

    The promise of God was not limited to David and Solomon but it would extend into the future. In 2 Samuel 7:1316 the word “forever” occurs three times. God emphasized the promise to David that His house and kingdom would last forever. Later events revealed that what God was promising David was not an earthly kingdom but an eternal spiritual one that would be established by Jesus Christ.

    These verses are similar to other Old Testament promises that include the immediate future and extend to the distant future. We can find comfort in knowing that God’s promises never fail; His purposes are fulfilled forever.

    Following Nathan’s words from the Lord David humbly sat before the Lord and prayed in awe and thanksgiving over God’s sovereign promise to give His divine blessing on his seed and nation.

    As believers we experience God’s promises in the present with the certainty that His promises extend to all those who come to Him in the future. We are part of His forever kingdom.