Christians! Be alert and vote your values Nov. 6

    October 11, 2018

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    Reg Hamman
    Special to the ABN

    CHRISTIANS be aware that we are in a civil war. For decades the U.S. has protected fed and evangelized the world. The enemy does not like for people to be safe nourished and especially saved by the grace of God. This fantastic experiment in freedom is at odds with all the desires of the enemy to kill destroy and eternally separate us from the love of God.

    Christians be alert because the battle rages on. Since the beginning of time there have been two worldviews. One worldview is conservative. Faith freedom and family are foundations on which this is based. Our founding fathers saw the dangers of big government and corrupt leadership and they built into the Constitution protection for those who would deny these cornerstones.

    The contrasting worldview is based on a liberal philosophy. There are no foundations. There are no absolutes. It’s all relative to the situation and therefore it’s easy to manipulate the laws to fit the leaders’ desires. The constitution under this view is a living document and not based on standards that have survived for centuries. A liberal worldview delights in paying people not to work rewarding women for bearing children without fathers in the home killing children for convenience embracing any lifestyle and destroying God’s basic battle formation the family. A liberal worldview slowly but surely dilutes and denies the freedoms of Christians.

    Christians be active because the war is not over. There is room at the front lines for those who will prepare and stand up and fight. Your basic training starts with education. Know God’s Word and God’s principles for living in freedom. There are plenty of absolutes in God’s Word that are ammunition for declaring the truth.

    Know the Constitution and understand how it defines what a government can and cannot do. There is abuse of our laws taking place and without knowledge it’s impossible to know where to fight. The front line is waiting for educated soldiers.

    There are two main political parties. They publish their concept of government in documents called party platforms. If you want to know what any given candidate will do – in spite of what they say – look at the party platform.

    Start with prayer and then volunteer to be used by God on the front lines.

    Be active by talking to family friends and anyone in your sphere of influence who will listen to a calm discussion of the future of our freedom. The time for action is yesterday because for far too long the conservative worldview has been far too silent. If it’s the silent majority then it’s time to be silent no more.

    Identify the candidate who aligns with God’s principles. Talk; call; email; tweet; post on Facebook; put on a bumper sticker; place a yard sign; volunteer for that candidate; stand on a street corner; do whatever you must do to save our freedoms. That’s what a front line soldier does.

    Then vote. Encourage those around you to vote. Help get them to the polls.

    Reg Hamman is a member of Park Hill Baptist Church in North Little Rock. This article was originally published in the Aug. 22 2016 edition of the Arkansas Baptist News.

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