Cedar Glade begins fundraising to replace 42-year-old pool

    June 6, 2019

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    IMBODEN – Cedar Glade Baptist Encampment (CGBE), outside of Imboden, has started fundraising for a new swimming pool. The camp’s board of directors voted to replace the current 42-year-old pool during its March meeting.

    Cedar Glade pool: Cedar Glade Baptist Encampment’s board of directors has voted to replace the 42-year-old swimming pool. Construction of the new pool will start in August 2020.“The estimated cost of replacing the pool will be $550,000,” said Charles Lewis, director of communication for CGBE. “The goal is to have the money raised to begin destruction of the current pool and begin building the new one by the second week of August 2020.

    “We are asking for individual givers from each of our associations and larger donations from individuals interested in the camp,” said Lewis.

    The camp is owned by six associations: Greene County Baptist, Trinity Baptist, Black River Baptist, Current-Gaines Baptist, Big Creek Baptist and Rocky Bayou Baptist.

    Currently, the camp has raised $61,150 for the new pool.

    “This project is the first of several renovations to the camp,” said Lewis. “We look forward to the next few years to remodel cabins. Several cabins need to be totally replaced.”

    The new swimming pool will be larger to ensure future growth of the camp will be accommodated.

    “All future renovations will give the opportunity for greater use by all the associations, and hopefully other associations and churches across Arkansas will find use of the camp,” said Lewis.

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