Baptist Global Response launches new GoatFundMe campaign

    August 19, 2018

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    NASHVILLE Tenn.—Baptist Global Response (BGR) is crowdsourcing for a cause.

    The Southern Baptist disaster relief and community development organization recently launched its first GoatFundMe campaign which encourages supporters to donate enough money to purchase 1000 goats for people in need around the world. One goat costs roughly $75 so the organization has set a $75000 goal for this campaign.

    CEO Jeff Palmer says GoatFundMe is particularly effective because it focuses on one very useful animal to help improve life for a multitude of families.

    “Goats can produce healthy nutritious milk for families and in most cases their milk is even recommended over cow’s milk because of its favorable protein composition” he says. “Goats not only produce milk but they can also produce meat for the family as well as extra income through the selling of their offspring. Moreover they are easy to raise take up very little land area and are for the most part a hardy animal that can survive in a variety of climates.”

    BGR is encouraging entire churches to get involved in GoatFundMe and to donate as many animals as possible. The organization has published downloadable resources online to help individuals and congregations raise support for goat projects. These materials include two games a list of fundraising ideas a plan for a goat-themed youth event and more. Those interested can visit to learn more or donate.

    Baptist Global Response (BGR) is an international disaster relief and community development organization with a heart for helping people in desperate need. The organization undergirds the work of Southern Baptists worldwide and partners with others who are like-minded. BGR is not an official entity of the Southern Baptist Convention but it is rooted in the soil of Southern Baptist life and committed to helping Southern Baptists who care connect with people in need around the world.