Averted - Explore the Bible for August 5 2018

    July 26, 2018

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    Explore the Bible
    August 5 2018
    Gerald Nash
    2 Samuel 20:1-2 14-21 (HCSB)

    “Carpe diem” is translated “seize the opportunity.” This Latin aphorism is taken from the Roman poet Horace’s statement “Carpe diem quam minimum credula postero” which means “Seize the day put little trust in tomorrow.” Seizing any opportunity without considering the future however can be disastrous.

    Israel and Judah were arguing about which kingdom should escort King David back to Jerusalem. It was a potentially explosive situation and Sheba wanted to be the spark. Sheba blew the ram’s horn to get the people’s attention. He told the people not to follow David and to retreat to their homes. Marching through the northern tribes he rallied support but few responded. He and his followers fled to the walled city of Abel.

    David sent for Amasa to gather the troops to nip Sheba’s rebellion but he didn’t show up. David gave command of the army to Abishai. Abishai and his brother Joab went in pursuit of Sheba. They met Amasa at Gibeon. Joab saw an opportunity to lead the army. He caught Amasa off guard and killed him. Joab took command of the army and went after Sheba.

    Joab laid siege on Abel. A wise woman inside the city walls saw an opportunity to stop the attack. She called for Joab and explained to him that her city was not in league with the rebels and they did not deserve to be attacked. Joab explained that he only wanted Sheba. Her response was unexpected; “His head will be thrown over the wall to you” (2 Sam. 20:21). Sheba’s head was thrown over the wall the ram’s horn was blown and the army went home. Disaster averted!

    We should never throw caution to the wind. We should ask ourselves some questions before we seize any opportunity. How will this opportunity affect my future? Will this opportunity hinder or enhance my Christian walk and witness? Will this opportunity honor and glorify God? If you will ask these types of questions you may very well avert a disaster in your life.