Arkansas worship pastor publishes children’s book

    July 21, 2019

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    JONESBORO – Jeffery Stotts, lead worship pastor at Central Baptist Church in Jonesboro, has published “King Everything,” a children’s book that teaches the biblical values of love and humility.

    “Jeff is always our guest speaker at the annual Overcomers banquet,” said Pat Qualls, founder of the Overcomers choir. “He made up a story called ‘King Everything’ to teach the Overcomers the biblical principles found in 1 Corinthians 13.”

    A ministry of Central Baptist, the Overcomers choir is a group of special-needs adults, their caregivers and volunteers that travel around to share their gift of music.

    “When he announced at this year’s banquet the book had been published, we were thrilled,” said Qualls. “I think his book so simply tells the meaning of this chapter in an earthly way that anyone can understand.”

    Each member in the choir received a signed copy of the book.

    “I chose to speak on the topic of loving others because that is what the special-needs choir does best. The story of ‘King Everything’ was the result,” said Stotts.

    Published by Covenant Books, “King Everything” tells the story of a know-it-all king who can do everything but love. It is a wise moral inspired by 1 Corinthians 13. The book teaches children about humility, generosity and Christ-like love.

    “My hope and prayer is that ‘King Everything’ will portray to children the importance of showing selfless love and humility to everyone, and that without love, we are nothing,” said Stotts.

    “King Everything” can be purchased online at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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