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Arkansas Baptist DR responds to Texas flooding
Arkansas Baptist disaster relief volunteers pray with a resident during the work being done following flooding in Texas.

Arkansas Baptist DR responds to Texas flooding

Jul 16, 2018

Sarah Davis
Arkansas Baptist News

WESLACO, Texas – Arkansas Baptist disaster relief (DR) teams have been hard at work in Weslaco, Texas after major flooding in June. About 15 inches of rain fell within a 36-hour period, requiring more than 200 rescues.

“Homes had two to four feet of water in them,” said Jimmy Blackford, unit leader for the Tri-County Association DR team. “This means everything they own is ruined with very little able to be savaged.”

The teams remove all wet and moldy sheetrock, doors, trim, cabinets and other building materials. They then pressure wash the inside of the home and spray it with a mold and bacteria killing chemical. After a few weeks of drying, the home can be rebuilt.

“We are able to bring hope to what seems to them as a hopeless situation,” said Blackford. “It’s hard, hot work, but people are so excited to see work being done, and they are happy to just be able to enter their homes for the first time since flooding.”

Each family is left with a Bible signed by the DR team.

The Northwest Baptist Association DR team served in Texas the week after flooding, and the Tri-County Association DR team worked during the first week of July.

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