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Ark. Baptist mission church burglarized in LR

Ark. Baptist mission church burglarized in LR

Aug 2, 2018

Sarah Davis
Arkansas Baptist News

LITTLE ROCK – Mercy Church, an Arkansas Baptist mission, was burglarized July 29, resulting in more than $4,300 loss of technology and damage to the church’s building.

Mercy Church, launched in 2015, is located at 8705 Scott Hamilton Drive in Little Rock.

“I was shocked when I got to the church and saw it had been burglarized,” said Terrance Long, pastor of Mercy Church.

Long said he received a text from a church member Sunday night, saying there were two suspicious-looking men in the church parking lot.

“The next morning when I got up, I went to the church and walked around,” said Long. Seeing a broken window on the south side of the church, he called the police.

The intruders took three TVs, a laptop and cameras. They broke down the doors to the office and pastor’s study. According to KATV, food boxes were ripped open, and a fire extinguisher was sprayed on the floor.

“People are responding in prayer, but everyone is pretty shocked that someone would break into a church,” said Long. “We just need to secure the church a little bit more, but we can’t stop doing what we are doing.”

Police were able to get fingerprints and a blood sample from the crime scene, and they currently are looking for the people responsible.

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