ABN to publish Minn.-Wisc. Baptist newspaper

    August 15, 2019

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    AFTER A 25-year partnership with Kentucky Baptists’ Western Recorder, the Minnesota-Wisconsin Baptist (MWB) has formed a new production relationship with the Arkansas Baptist News (ABN).

    As of July 2019, the ABN began managing the MWB’s layout, printing and mailing.

    Minnesota-Wisconsin Baptist Editor David Williams holds a copy of the Summer 2019 edition of the newspaper. The Arkansas Baptist News now serves as the publication’s publisher.“For 25 years we have relied on the Kentucky Western Recorder to handle the layout, printing and mailing of our state paper. They did this as a ministry to our convention and, through the years, a handful of other smaller conventions,” said David Williams, MWB editor.

    “When they made the decision to end their print operations and be exclusively online, we were left in a difficult position. I shared our predicament with other editors at the Association of State Baptist Publications meeting in February, and Tim Yarbrough offered the Arkansas Baptist News to take on the role of publishing our paper. Since then, we have published our first edition. We’re excited about this new relationship.”

    The ABN staff completed work on the most recent edition of the Minnesota-Wisconsin Baptist – the Summer 2019 edition – which was published in July.

    “While it is saddening to witnesses the curtailment of fine state newspapers by state conventions like the Western Recorder in Kentucky, I am encouraged that many new-work states like Minnesota-Wisconsin still understand the need to communicate effectively with grassroots Baptists," said Tim Yarbrough, editor/executive director of the ABN. “Our team considers it a privilege to assist the Minnesota-Wisconsin Baptist in producing a quality product to help accomplish its mission of reaching the lost with the gospel.”

    “We greatly appreciate the 25-year partnership we had with the Western Recorder and are looking forward to a long relationship with the Arkansas Baptist News. Editor Tim Yarbrough and his staff have been very gracious to work with us through the transition and are producing a quality paper for us,” Williams added.

    Williams is serving as the 2019-20 president of the Association of State Baptist Publications (ASBP), an organization representing newspapers and other publications published in the Southern Baptist Convention. Yarbrough is immediate past president of ASBP. ABN copy editor and writer Margaret Colson serves as ASBP executive secretary.

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