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A prayer of thanksgiving - Bible Studies for Life for November 25, 2018

Nov 15, 2018

Bible Studies for Life
November 25, 2018
Gerald Nash
Psalm 138:1-8 (HCSB)

The focus of Psalm 138 is praise for God. Although the exact occasion for this Psalm is not known, it may have grown out of the opposition of the surrounding nations when David became king of a united Israel (2 Sam. 5; 8:1-4). David prayed for God’s help, and God delivered him. This Psalm shows David’s confidence that God would fulfill His purposes for his life.

We first see David’s expression of praise (Psa. 138:1-3). To understand David’s praise, we need to understand the nature of praise. Praise doesn’t automatically happen. Praise is a volitional choice. Praise is not based on our feelings, attitude, or what it does for us. It’s all about God. David used the words, “I will,” three times, and the words, “I called,” once. These are not selfish words. He gave thanks, sang praise, bowed down, exalted God’s name and prayed. All these phrases were directed toward God because of His constant love, His faithfulness, His promise and His strength.

David extended this praise to the kings of the earth (Psa. 138:4-5). They must hear the Word of God and respond in faith. David believed that his praise of God would have an influence on the pagan kings around Israel. These kings were not praising God, but it was his prayer that they would.

It was also his prayer that they would see their earthly glory in contrast to God’s glory, which is greater.

In Psalm 138:7-8, David praised God for preserving his life, protecting him from his enemies, and fulfilling His purposes for David’s life. David gave us an explanation for his praise in verse 8, “Do not abandon the work of Your hands.” David saw himself and the purposes God had for him as an ongoing work of God.

As believers, we need to express thanksgiving and praise to God for what He is doing in our lives. Our praise can be a motivator for others to give thanks and praise God too. We should remember: God is still working on us, and He will not abandon us.

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