2019 Arkansas Baptist State Convention team goals

    September 18, 2018

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    The Executive and Administrative Team (EAT) directs the overall strategy for the ministries of the Arkansas Baptist State Convention (ABSC). The EAT insures that all of our efforts are focused on our mission: working with Arkansas Baptists to accomplish the Great Commission. Our ABSC Teams strive to make every person dollar and hour count towards that end.

    Therefore it is imperative that we do everything with purpose. We prayerfully developed 3 Essential Intents as a guide to focus our strategies and planning. While there are lots of good things that we could do these essential areas are what we must do to reach our goals. This focus is reflected in every Team’s goals. The 3 Essential Intents mandate the ministries of the ABSC to:

    1. Revitalize churches
    2. Focus our evangelism partnerships toward people that are unengaged unreached and underserved in access to the gospel
    3. Impact students from kindergarten to graduate school

    First our Teams are intent on efforts to revitalize our churches. Every church is necessary in reaching Arkansans with the gospel. The task is too great without every church being vibrant and on mission. While the Evangelism and Church Health Team leads in this area through its Church Revitalization emphasis every Team engages churches to strengthen and support their efforts in spreading the gospel.

    Second we are intentionally focusing our evangelism partnerships on those peoples who do not have access to the gospel. There are too many people groups in Arkansas with too little access to the gospel such as low-income families and internationals living in our state. We also have numerous geographic areas that have far too little access to either churches or vital gospel ministries. Through both church planting and evangelism partnerships we are focused on bringing the gospel to those underserved people and areas.

    Moreover Arkansas Baptists are becoming increasingly aware of the vast numbers of people around the world that have no way to effectively learn that Jesus is the hope of the world. We are continuing our expansion of partnerships in areas of the world that are unengaged and unreached for Jesus.

    For example our churches are partnering with missionaries in Southeast Asia to work with unengaged people groups. College students are also making intermediate length trips to send more people to those areas of need.

    Finally we are intent on reaching the younger generations with the gospel. Clearly the church has not been effective in reaching Generation X or the Millennial generation. We simply cannot continue to fail impacting successive generations. We are redoubling our efforts to impact students with the gospel. This includes a greater emphasis on evangelism partnerships and revitalizing churches to reach students. We are developing new ways to connect with students being called to ministry. Our reorganization which created a Team focused on College + Young Leaders is developing new ways to connect students to churches and gospel ministry. We are intent on reaching students before losing another generation.

    Church Planting Team - 2019 Impact Statements and Goals
    The church planting team will engage Arkansas Baptists with intentional evangelistic strategies for the purpose of planting churches that reflect the diversity of the State of Arkansas – focusing on the “UNs” - the unreached unengaged underserved. The goals for 2019 are set for measuring our effectiveness in our developing strategy for assisting Arkansas Baptists to impact their world for Christ through church planting.

    I. Impact Goals
    1. Lead more churches to become involved in church planting than ever before.
      Goal: 100 churches partnering with new works
    2. Develop more church planters for beginning new works in AR North America and the World.
      Goal: Develop and train 50 church planters
    3. Start more new works in AR. Goal: Start 40 new churches restarts missions and missional outposts (evangelistic preaching points).
    4. Lead our new church plants to baptize more new converts. Goal: Baptisms 400

    II. Networking Goals
    1. Regional Church Planting Roundtables – 20 events; 200 churches
    2. Collegiate Church Planting Connection Events – 10 events; 150 students
    3. Expand church planting networks
      a. Delta Network – 40 churches
      b. Metro Network – 20 churches
      c. Hispanic Network – 50 churches
      d. Cowboy Network – 30 churches 
      e. North West AR Network – 15 churches

    III. Training Goals
      1. Train and Coach Church Planters through Church Planting Cohorts 
        a. Cowboy church planters – 5
        b. Metro church planters – 10
        c. Delta church planters – 15
        d. Innovative church planters – 10Train Hispanic Church Planters through 2 Institutes - 15
      2. Statewide Church Planting One-Day Training events – 4 events; 400 people
      3. Delta Institutes – 6 locations; 75 people
      4. Assist churches with church planting residencies/leadership pipelines – 4 residencies

    College + Young Leaders Team 2019 Goals
    The College + Young Leaders Team will help Arkansas Baptists prepare high school students for college and equip collegians and young professionals in exalting God through growing in Christ connecting to His Church and serving His world.

    High School: Transition to College and/or Career
    • Prepare high school students for transition to college particularly through Lead>Defend Conference 2019
    • Continue to develop and maintain a system for collecting contact information of high school graduates to give collegiate-engaged churches
    • Continue to develop a strategy to connect high school graduates going into the workforce or military to local churches

    College: Mobilize Collegiate-Engaged Churches & Campus-Based Ministries to Fulfill the Great Commission
    • Empower Collegiate-Engaged Churches
    • Increase the number of collegiate-engaged churches and matrix-involved churches by 10%
    • Increase the NextConnect (a resource e-magazine for college churches) distribution list by 10%
    • Provide training opportunities for church and campus collegiate ministers at two statewide/regional events
    • Encourage churches to participate annually in an intentional 24-hour focus on collegians engaging in evangelism
    • Empower Campus-Based Ministry
    • Growing in Christ:
      • Equip 1000 CYL participants through evangelistic training events
      • Involve collegians in 12000 significant witnessing experiences
      • All BCMs to provide a statewide evangelistic focused event
    • Connecting to His Church:
      • Campus ministers will present Cooperative Program/Dixie Jackson/BCM presentations in 200 churches and collegiate meetings (1 min. 6 min. and 30 min. presentations)
      • Involve collegians in 500 churches
      • Train BCM leaders to invite and take students with them to church
    • Serving His World:
      • Mobilize 1000 collegians and leaders for missional lifestyle experiences
      • Engage the Nations:
    • Develop the role of the International Student Ministry Consultant with an emphasis in Central Arkansas to equip international student believers
    • Develop the responsibilities of the International Student Ministry Consultant related to a strategy of helping churches and BCMs minister to international students in the five geographic regions of Arkansas
    • Partner with the ABSC International Church Strategist to design a statewide weekend gathering of key international students international community leaders and church/BCM leaders for training and fellowship

    Career: Send Out Young Professionals to the Marketplace and Connect Them to the Church
      • Provide two to four evangelistic networking opportunities on campuses with young professional leaders (education law engineering medical and business)
      • Provide workplace transition events for college graduates on 10 campuses
      • Contribute content to ExploreYourCall.com in order to assist collegians preparing for both ministry and the workplace

    Evangelism and Church Health Team - 2019 Impact Statements and Goals

    Impact Statements: 

    1. “Lead more people to faith in Christ and baptize more than have been baptized before.” - Goal: 11000 baptisms
    2. “Lead more people to attend Bible Study/Sunday School/Small Groups” - Goal: 110000 in attendance
    3. “Lead more people to attend worship” - Goal: 160000
    4. “Lead churches to an increase in undesignated receipts” - Goal: 2.5% increase

    Training Goals:

      1. Church Health – 250 churches
      2. Evangelism – 600 churches
      3. Sunday School/Small Groups – 250 churches
      4. Worship – 250 churches
      5. Stewardship – 200 churches

    2019 Missions Team - Impact Statement and Goals

    Purpose Statement: The Missions Team will assist Arkansas Baptist churches associations and their members to impact lostness statewide and globally by encouraging and equipping them to be engaged in mission’s discipleship and mobilization.

    Goal 1: Provide State National and International Mission opportunities to assist churches in reaching the unreached unengaged and underserved.

    Action Plans: Impact 900 churches; 14225 participants
    - Provide “Acts 1:8 One Day Mission Trip” and associational/church One Day Mission Trip – mobilize 150 churches and 1500 participants
    - In-State Mission Trips Block Parties and Multi-Housing Ministry – mobilize 400 churches and 5000 participants
    - Christian Women’s/Men’s Job Corps – mobilize 25 churches and mobilize 120 participants
    - Medical/Dental Missions – involve 50 churches mobilize 500 participants
    - Hunger Ministries – mobilize 2500 participants
    - Literacy Missions – involve 30 churches train 50 participants
    - Pregnancy Care Center Ministries – mobilize 3000 participants
    - Disaster Relief Ministries – involve 200 churches train and mobilize 900 participants
    - Muslim Women Outreach Ministry – mobilize 50 participants
    - Muslim Men Outreach Ministry – mobilize 25 participants
    - Connect and Training Events for National and International Missions – involve 250 participants
    - IMB Asia Support Trip – mobilize 60 participants
    - Christian Women Job Corps/ Christian Men’s Job Corps (CWJC/CMJC) Site Coordinators Retreat – involve 10 participants
    - Train and Resource 100 ABSC chaplains
    - Annual Chaplaincy Meeting at State Convention – involve 30 participants
    - Provide 2 Missionary Parents Fellowship Meetings (1 spring 1 fall at Annual Meeting)
    – involve 25 participants
    - Special Needs Conference – mobilize 30 churches and 60 participants
    - UPG Sifting Weekends (Unreached People Groups) – mobilize 15 churches and 45 participants

    Goal 2: Strengthen and revitalize churches through mission’s discipleship and mobilization.

    Action Plans: Impact 145 churches; 975 Participants
    - Share the Gospel at each mission event giving people the opportunity to respond
    - Encourage testimony training for all mission trip participants
    - Provide evangelism training for 400 Disaster Relief Workers
    - Nailbenders for Jesus – mobilize 10 churches 20 participants
    - Arkansas Baptist Builders – mobilize 75 participants
    - “ACTS 1:8” Strategy Consultations – provide for 10 churches
    - “Community Needs Assessment” – present to 5 churches/associations
    - Bible Storying Workshops – mobilize 15 churches and 30 participants
    - Campers on Mission – mobilize 10 churches and 20 participants
    - Engage (Annual State WMU Meeting) – involve 35 churches and 230 participants
    - Diaspora Missions Training – involve 50 churches and 100 participants
    - UFM Congreso (Hispanic WMU) – involve 10 churches and 100 participants

    Goal 3: Impact students from birth to graduate school through mission’s discipleship and mobilization

    Action Plans: Impact over 95 churches; 1110 participants
    - Work with 30 churches to start train or assist with traditional on-going missions discipleship (Women on Mission / Adults on Mission; myMISSION; Acteens / Challengers / Youth on Mission; GA/RA/Children in Action; Mission Friends).
    - “Connect” student missions events – mobilize 30 churches and mobilize 400 participants
    - Royal Ambassadors Camp-O-Rama (State RA Missions Weekend) – involve 20 churches and 200 participants
    - Provide Engage Missions Camp – mobilize 15 churches and 125 participants
    - Disaster Response – mobilize 30 BCM students
    - One Day Event – mobilize 325 students
    - International Student Ministry Training – involve 30 participants

    Goal 4: Promote missions giving

    Action Plans: Impact over 1500 churches; direct contact with 175 churches via personal contact by Mission Team Travel Staff
    - Promote missions in speaking engagements in 150 churches
    - Promote missions offerings through mail email social media and other means
    - Provide Dixie Jackson Arkansas Missions Offering web portal designed to inform and involve Arkansas Baptists in-state missions
    - Promote SBC special offerings to all Arkansas Baptist churches (1500+)
    - Encourage 25 churches to start giving to missions offerings