• Sarah Vaughn

Church service DVDs wanted for prison ministries

Volunteers are what keep prison ministries afloat as they bring in worship and words of wisdom and encouragement. However, when COVID-19 broke out across the state, prisons were forced to stop in-person visiting hours and halt activities across the board - including chapel services.

A chaplain from one of the prisons reached out to Bob Fielding, Consultant for Chaplaincy & National/International Missions Consultant at the ABSC, and asked if churches would be willing to send out DVDs of their worship services, which includes sermons, to be shared with prisons across Arkansas so their ministries could continue despite social distancing rules.

If your church would like to participate in this ministry, please send DVDs of your services to Bob Fielding at 10 Remington Drive, Little Rock AR 72204 to be passed along to the chaplains and the Arkansas Department of Correction.

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