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Camp Siloam Cancels First 3 Weeks of Camp

Executive Director of Camp Siloam Jason Wilkie made a statement today regarding the cancellation of camps scheduled for the summer of 2020. Read the full statement below:

Today our Board of Trustees voted unanimously to wait on the promise of our Father” and do the following:

  1. Cancel the first three weeks of summer camp.

  2. Make rolling decisions on the remaining weeks.  Camp Siloam will announce whether it will be hosting Week 4 on June 2nd. As of now, the remaining weeks will be announced one month out from the start date of the week.

We encourage churches registered June 8-26 to consider moving to a July week. If churches cannot move to another week then deposits will be fully refunded in July.

A rolling decision on summer camp gives us the best opportunity to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, time for us to understand more about post-peak COVID and give Governor Hutchinson time to provide guidelines for conducting camp.   

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