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With more than 50,000 loyal, faith-based readers each issue, the Arkansas Baptist News is the best way to reach the religious community in Arkansas. Click here or at the right to download our media packet.


The Arkansas Baptist News is the official news journal of Arkansas Baptists and is affiliated with the 500,000-member Arkansas Baptist State Convention. Published every other Thursday in an all-color tabloid format in both print and digital versions, the Arkansas Baptist News reaches leadership and members at each of the 1,500 plus Southern Baptist churches in the state.


Additionally, many churches provide it for all their members. The Arkansas Baptist News total bi-weekly readership is about 50,000, which makes it not only the largest religious newspaper in Arkansas, but among the largest subscription-based newspapers in the state of any kind!


The Arkansas Baptist News is published 25 times per year and offers a selection of services to support the needs of our advertisers. 


For information about display advertising and special frequency rates in the Arkansas Baptist News email or call (501) 376-4791, ext. 5161.