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Mixed-up marriage

Could the following already happen: “same-sex heterosexual family marriage”? States are redefining marriage. Let me be the devil’s advocate.  Why can’t a father marry his son, a brother his brother, an uncle his nephew and a first male cousin his first male cousin? Why can’t a mother marry her daughter, a sister her sister, an aunt her niece and a first female cousin her first female cousin?  All are of the same sex and will not conceive children. Laws that would apply to a related man or woman (heterosexual), do not apply to same-sex heterosexual family members.  

I don’t believe sex would be a reason for these same-sex heterosexual family members to marry. A good reason would be financial or to provide health benefits. Our new society passes laws saying, “The same sex can marry.” How can government prevent these same-sex heterosexual family members from legally marrying each other? In our sectarian society, the rights of these same-sex heterosexual family members have simply not been addressed yet.                                                                                                                                      

Same-sex marriage laws are more than simply allowing homosexuals to get married. The same-sex marriage laws have to include allowing same-sex heterosexual family members to marry. A son becomes a spouse of his father and a daughter becomes a spouse of her mother. Pandora’s box is opened. The law of karma says, “For every event that occurs, there will follow another event whose existence was caused by the first.”

Is this an extension of same-sex marriage that we will eventually have to deal with?

Murl Douglas Pilcher
West Fork