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Top 10 list?

I have been a Christian for almost 28 years. I enjoy and appreciate Arkansas Baptist News, but words can’t express the sorrow I felt after reading the front page of Volume 112, Number 1. Of the 2012 top 10 stories chosen by ABN staff, “100 saved” came in dead last, while No. 1 goes to “Tucker elected.” Really?     

Jesus said that He came “to seek and to save that which was lost” (Luke 19:10). Have we forgotten that? I’m sure there was more joy in heaven over the 100 saved than someone being elected. I’m not even 40 years old yet, and even I can remember a time when seeing souls saved was the most important thing there was. Now I don’t know.         

Am I jumping to conclusions? Or maybe I just don’t have the facts or I just don’t understand. Here is a fact: Lost souls came in dead last! Not five or even seven, but last. There will be some explaining to be done at the judgment seat of Christ over this one, and I am praying that God in wrath will remember mercy (Hab. 3:2). I don’t know if all this is “for publication” or not; doesn’t matter. What matters is that this article was a stark reminder of the direction we are headed in. Nothing but nothing should come ahead of lost souls. Even so, come, Lord Jesus. 

Kevin McDaniel 

Editor’s Note: Articles for the annual ABN “top 10” list are judged based on overall impact to Arkansas Baptists and their work in the state, and saving souls should be (and I pray is) our No. 1 priority. That being said, we had other specific “salvation” articles that didn’t make the list, such as the hundreds of people saved in Haiti as a result of the work of Arkansas Baptists and the dozens saved during revivals on various Arkansas college campuses throughout the year. In fact, every article could have been about folks being saved across Arkansas in churches, large events, small events, etc. The top 10 list is designed to be more of a collective snapshot of the year. Regarding the “100 saved” article that made the list, I believe the staff chose this event because it illustrates the collective work – that of sharing Jesus Christ – that Arkansas Baptists do every day. I appreciate your passion for Jesus! It is the same passion the staff of the ABN shares as we seek to make Jesus Christ known in Arkansas and around the world.

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The Calvinism vs. Freewill Concord
I may have learned as much theology from Aesop’s Fables and Grimms’ Fairy Tales as any secular source.
If you remember the story of “The Valiant Little Tailor”, you will recall that the tailor saw two giants sleeping under a tree. He went out on a limb with a hand full of rocks and threw one at the first sleeping giant who awoke and punched the other. Then the little tailor threw a rock at the other sleeping giant and he awoke and punched the first. This continued until the giants got into such a fight they killed each other. Whereas the little tailor laughed and continued on his way across the field.
Our sleeping giants are freewill and calvinism and yet we don’t realize it is Satan who is our antagonist. So, while we’re throwing deadly blows at each other, he is having the last laugh while walking about, seeking whom he may devour:

June 10, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterGreg Pierce

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