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‘Two D.O.G.’ aims to reach men with gospel

Caleb Yarbrough
Arkansas Baptist News

HARRISON – Retirement is often considered a finish line. After decades of hard work, many people look forward to rest, relaxation and time to do things they didn’t have time to do during their years of employment, whether secular or sacred.

For Royce Sweatman, associational missionary for North Arkansas Baptist Association in Harrison, his coming retirement has afforded the opportunity to pursue new and interesting ministry ideas he was too busy to act on when he was working.

When Sweatman retires July 31, he and his prayer partner of 18 years, Cocky Barrett, will embark on a new journey in the form of their recently formed men’s ministry called “Two D.O.G. Inc.”

Two D.O.G. Inc., which stands for “two dumb old guys,” was started as a way for Sweatman and Barrett, both members of Trinity Baptist Church, Harrison, to use their love of the outdoors, hunting and fishing to reach boys and men with the gospel. The men have created a website, www.2doginc.com, where they post videos chronicling their outdoor adventures and share their faith.

“The first one (video) on there is called ‘Deer Grace,’” said Sweatman. “That’s one about me letting a big eight-pointer walk. I give it grace. … I talk about how God gave me grace. Sometimes in life you see that big buck, but he is not the one you want to hang on the wall. I said, ‘You need to let him walk. That’s called grace. Let me tell you about how God gave me grace.’”

Read the rest of the story in the 7-10 issue of the Arkansas Baptist News.

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