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Kenny Luck encourages pastors to reach men

ROGERS – “And the single greatest gift – I submit to you – that the church can give itself in this hour and to the people, the families, the women, the children, the communities and the countries of the world is to give them healthy, Spirit-filled men,” said Kenny Luck, men’s pastor at Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, Calif., and founder and president of Every Man Ministries.

LuckLuck spoke on men’s ministry and reaching men during the evening session of the 2013 Arkansas Baptist State Convention (ABSC) Pastors’ Conference held Oct. 28 at Cross Church Pinnacle Hills in Rogers prior to the ABSC Annual Meeting Oct. 29-30. 

Luck noted the impact and importance of the “character and conduct of men.” 

He pointed to the suffering seen in headlines and issues like sex trafficking, domestic violence, fatherlessness and the “chaos and dysfunction that comes out of broken male character and conduct.”

“As we (the Church) strive for relevance and as we strive to resonate in the world, … what would happen if we became a center of masculine transformation and, in the context of making disciples of men, we made men healthy who had a new identity and started making new choices but then started having a rippling impact on marriages and families and church health?” he asked.

Luck spoke about the relevance of men, calling them “a cultural touch point, a global touch point and a spiritual touch point.”

He also pointed to the biblical accounts of God’s movements – how they were birthed and how men of God were used.

Finally, he pointed to the Church’s responsibility to respond to that pattern of how God moves. And he concluded by giving those in attendance several practical steps for men’s ministry.

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