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ABSC Pastors' Conference held at Cross Church in Rogers

ABSC Pastors' Conference in Rogers

Caleb Yarbrough

Arkansas Baptist News

ROGERS – Speakers representing dynamic ministries from Arkansas and across the United States were featured at the 2013 Arkansas Pastors’ Conference Oct. 28 at Cross Church Pinnacle Hills.

Mark Dever. Photos by Caleb YarbroughThe theme of the conference was Sacred Investment: The Gospel, Discipleship and the Church.

Speakers shared messages that addressed the theme in multiple ways and gave Arkansas pastors and ministers in attendance many insights and tools to take back to their local churches.

Speakers inccluded Nick Floyd, pastor of Cross Church, Fayetteville; Josh Reavis, assistant pastor of pastoral ministries at North Jacksonville Baptist Church, Jacksonville, Fla.; Larry White, associational missionary for Faulkner Baptist Association, Conway; Kenny Luck, pastor of men at Saddleback Church and founder of Every Man Ministries, Lake Forest, Calif., and Mark Dever, pastor of Capital Hills Baptist Church, Washington, D.C.

A new addition to this year's conference was an afternoon panel discussion featuring conference speakers including Floyd, Dever, Reavis, White and Luck.

Morning session – 10 a.m.

Larry White – Associational missionary, Faulkner Baptist Association, Conway

White’s message, "The ministry I received," focused on Acts 20. He explained the difference between achieved ministry and received ministry. Achieved ministry being ministry chosen by man and received ministry being ministry not chosen but given by God.

White said that pastors must fight to seek God’s will in ministry and resist temptations to seek the “applause and amens” of men. He said that the Bible emphasizes that every gift comes from God and churches can be transformed if pastors recognize that being called to be a minister has nothing to do with their own skills and abilities and everything to do with God’s will and blessings.

Nick Floyd ­– Teaching pastor, Cross Church, Fayetteville

Floyd spoke on ‘The sacred investment of transition.” His message focused on the importance of church pastors investing in the lives of the men that will lead the Church in the future.

Floyd said it is incredibly important for pastors to address necessary transitions in their churches because, “leadership is temporary.” He said many pastors must “plow the ground for others to reap the fruit” and that it is the “spiritual duty” for ministers to instill a confidence in God in those that follow them.

Floyd highlighted the transition of Moses to Joshua and of David to Solomon. He said pastors must be strong, be courageous and that God will be with them. In closing Floyd said that much more important than “pragmatic tips” pastors should pass on a zeal for the presence of God to the next generation of Church leaders.

Afternoon session – 1:30 p.m.

Josh Reavis – Assistant pastor of pastoral ministries, North Jacksonville Baptist Church, Jacksonville, Florida

Reavis said that there is much to learn from the mistakes of figures in Scripture. He spoke out of 1 Samuel 17. Reavis said that the story of David and Goliath teaches the importance of recognizing that God can use anyone for his glory and that if pastors discourage called young people, David(s), in their churches that they will leave and find other places to serve. 

Reavis said that too many churches talk too much and do too little, attempt to temper the fire of called young people and underestimate what God can do through those called young people.

Reavis concluded by asking, “When it comes to your ministry pastor, are you multiplying yourself or magnifying yourself?” He said that pastors must pour themselves into the young ministers that surround them and focus their ministry on what God has done instead of what they falsely believe they have done themselves.

Mark Dever – Pastor, Capitol Hills Baptist Church, Washington, D.C.

Dever spoke on church discipline. He said that church discipline is mentioned throughout the New Testament yet it is often ignored or used improperly by many churches.

Dever said many churches have lost touch of the importance each local church being cooperative and biblical congregations of believers with responsibilities and duties. 

Dever gave five reasons for church discipline: 1) For the good of the individual, 2) For people to recognize the danger of sin, 3) For the health of the church as a whole, 4) For the corporate witness of the church and 5) For the glory of God.

Evening session – 6:30 p.m.

Mark Dever – Pastor, Capitol Hills Baptist Church, Washington, D.C. 

Dever spoke on the nine marks of identifying and growing pastors. 

He said the nine marks of identifying and growing pastors are: 1) Qualifications, 2) Being involved with local church body, 3) Trust, 4) Personal time, 5) Delegating, 6) Feedback, 7) Authority, 8) Clarity and 9) Humility.

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