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Tippit: ‘Prayer must be the priority of today's church’  

SHERWOOD – Prayer is the most important thing we can do in our churches, Sammy Tippit, evangelist and author told a group of pastors and others Monday gathered for a conference on prayer prior to the start of the Arkansas Baptist State Convention 2013 State Conference on Evangelism and Church Growth at First Baptist Church, Sherwood.

Tippit"We can do all kinds of things, but when God does something it's all together different," Tippit said of the importance of prayer in the church, adding “The only thing that will dispel the darkness in our country is Jesus Christ. We need to learn how to pray for our families.” 

Tippit recounted the work of the early church, pointing to the work of the gospel being birthed in a prayer meeting.

“Throughout Acts the church is in a prayer meeting,” he said. “There is a pattern of prayer all throughout the history of the church.”

"Pray and proclaim" was the pattern of the early church,” said Tippit. He told attendees to look at the people Jesus chose such as fishermen, businessmen and those from diverse walks of life. He said Jesus didn’t go to the universities or the great cities, “Jesus chose common, ordinary men ... and they would turn the world upside down through prayer." 

"I am convinced no evangelist is going to win the world to Christ ... it's going to be the Body of Christ."

Tippit said, “One of the problems we have today is that we can't get our people outside the walls of the church.” Communion with God through prayer results in proclamation of the gospel, said Tippit.

"The greatest times of harvest through the history of the church has been preceded by great prayer movements," he said, adding “The greatest thing we can do as evangelists is to call people to prayer.” 

Prayer conference attendees pray.Tippit said one of the most important aspects to prayer is finding “a place and time to meet with God.”

“We need to teach our people they need a time and a place where they can go to meet with God,” he said. “There's a accumulative effect when you meet with God every day.” 

In addition, Tippit said we should learn to “worship and praise God” in our prayer time.

"God will touch the people closest to you when you begin to see His face." 

A video of Tippit’s presentation on prayer will be posted soon at www.prayarkansas.com.

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