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ABN edition for July 10, 2014

‘Two D.O.G.’ aims to reach men with gospel

HARRISON – Retirement is often considered a finish line. After decades of hard work, many people look forward to rest, relaxation and time to do things they didn’t have time to do during their years of employment, whether secular or sacred.

For Royce Sweatman, associational missionary for North Arkansas Baptist Association in Harrison, his coming retirement has afforded the opportunity to pursue new and interesting ministry ideas he was too busy to act on when he was working.

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High court rules for Hobby Lobby

WASHINGTON – The Supreme Court has struck down a key mandate of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), ruling for the first time “closely held” companies may exercise their religious opinions and conscientiously object to providing abortion-inducing contraceptives to employees through their health insurance plans. 

Writing for the majority in Burwell (Sebelius) v. Hobby Lobby on June 30, Justice Samuel Alito claimed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) provides individually or family-owned businesses, such as Hobby Lobby, with protections against government mandates that violate religious conscience.

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440 seniors answer call to prayer for revival

LITTLE ROCK – Since being organized as part of the Arkansas Baptist State Convention’s (ABSC) Prayer, Revival and Spiritual Awakening Task Force, the ABSC Senior Adult Prayer Force has seen an influx in participants, seniors who are passionate about working hard to bring about revival and spiritual awakening in America and around the world.

Don Moore, former ABSC executive director, recently joined the ABSC executive and administrative team as a contract worker in order to better facilitate the mobilization of these Arkansas Baptist seniors.

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- High court rules for Hobby Lobby
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- 'Two D.O.G.' aims to reach men with gospel
- 440 seniors answer call to prayer for revival
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- JoyWorks instills 'passion about worship'
- ABN Digest: Pro-gay SBC pastor praised by Obama
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- ABN Digest: Judge order Caner to repay $34K in fines
- Editorial cartoon by Gary Thomas (Exclusive to the ABN)
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- Super Summer camp reaches thousands
- OMU event draws crowd
- Master'Singers award annual scholarship
- Williamson retires after 30 years as Spradling pastor
- ABSC 'Cruise' road captain dies
- Back to Campus: How to spiritually prepare youth to start college
- Across Arkansas: Church at North Hills relaunches as 'His Church'
- Commentary
- FBC, Mount Ida, marks 100 years: 'If these walls could talk' 
- Bonus Content: '64 Act tore down walls, expanded reconciliation

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