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No other religious publication in Arkansas reaches more Arkansas Baptists with news by and for them than the Arkansas Baptist News (ABN). Advertise with us today!

The ABN reaches Arkansas Baptists not only through a subscriber-based publication, but online through a comprehensive website (where you are now), the ABN Now digital edition and on social media through Facebook and Twitter.

Print Advertising*

Display advertising is available in the Arkansas Baptist News and on ABN online in various sizes such as full page, half page and quarter page. Contact us for more information and for quotes.

Space and art deadlines:

Space reservation must be received 13 days prior to publication. The ad/art deadline is 10 days prior to publication.

Website advertising:

1. HEADER BANNER: 600 x 60 pixels, $300/two weeks
2. HOME PAGE (SMALL): 452 x 60 pixels, $50/two weeks
3. HOME PAGE (LARGE): 452 x 120 pixels, $100/two weeks
4. SKYSCRAPER: 150 x 370 pixels, $150/two weeks 
5. SPLIT SIDEBAR: 150 x 92 pixels, $50/two weeks
6. STANDARD SIDEBAR: 150 x 185 pixels,  $75/two weeks

Advertising Contact information:

501-376-4791 ext. 5161. In state: 800-838-2272
Fax: 501-372-4683

Disclaimer: The Arkansas Baptist News is published biweekly, 25 times a year. The ABN reserves the right to reject any advertising on the basis of space, subject matter, appearance and presentation.

* Ad rates are currently being revised and may differ from what is listed. Email for more information and a current rate card.