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ABSC launches website to help churches fill needed ministry roles

The Arkansas Baptist State Convention (ABSC) has recently launched a new website - http://serve.absc.org - designed to help more churches fill needed ministry roles. 

William Jaques Jr., ABSC leadership and worship team member, explained that the website is designed as an online bulletin board where churches, associations and ABSC agencies and institutions will have the ability to post both paid and volunteer ministry positions. Additionally, people who are seeking paid or volunteer ministry positions will be able to search for potential positions in their area.

“The need for the bulletin board became apparent during evaluation of the efficacy of the ABSC’s online résumé system,” Jaques said. “Many churches request and receive résumés for ministry positions that need to be filled in their church on an annual basis. However, if a church wanted simply to post an opening for a position, there was no place on the convention website for them to do so. Additionally, if the church needed to fill a position other than a ministerial position, such as custodial or secretarial, they were forced to advertise in other places.”

He said with the release of the new website, ABSC churches and associations may now post openings for multiple types of employment opportunities. However, the site also allows them to post opportunities for volunteer services. 

“Let’s say, for example, that a church in the Delta would like to host a sports camp for the students in their town, but they don’t have the manpower to accomplish this task without help. They could post the need on this new website, and a church from across the state whose youth group is looking for a good missions opportunity could meet this need,” Jaques explained.

The site is laid out along two distinct paths, he explained. The first path is for those who would like to post a paid or volunteer position. Every Arkansas church, association and ABSC employee - anyone with access to ACTS - can post an available position by logging onto the system using their ACTS user name and password.

The second path is for those who are looking for a ministry opportunity. The site allows seekers to search for positions in their area. 

Additionally, a person may sign up to receive an email notification when a new position is posted.

“We hope that this site will be useful for connecting churches, associations and state convention employees, agencies and institutions with willing individuals to fill needed ministry roles,” said Jaques.

Questions concerning the new website may be directed to Jaques at 501-376-4791, ext. 5160, or wjaques@absc.org

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