The Harmony Share Report for 8-24-14

> (Prepared by Retired Pastor Bobby Lamb) > > ***Whispering Pines Cowboy Church > A lay member of Grace Cowboy Church at Warren came to fill the pulpit. Attendance was 77. There were five additions by letter. The previous week there were 3 by letter and one for baptism. Progress on the new property is going well. > + > ***South Side Baptist Church - Pine Bluff > Matt Weaver Pastor > Sunday School-44 > Morning Service-68 > =======================. > The Refuge-Redfield AR > Morning Service - 43 > ================ > Baptized total 4 / 2 at SSBC & 2 at Refuge > Elaine Hutcheson reporting. > + > ***Randall L Williams Prison Ministry > Attendance was up at Randall L Williams services last Sunday, with the 7AM service having over 70 men, and the PM service having over 60 men. > …We baptized three men and observed the Lord’s Supper in the evening and have two more men requesting baptism. > …If any of you have extra Communion trays, we could use two trays each for the bread and cups. We observe the Lord’s Supper every 4th Sunday evening. > Bro. Harold Mitchell, Chaplain > + > ***Hardin Baptist Church > Yet another wonderful day at Hardin Baptist. > Sunday morning we had three join by letter and one lady come forward for baptism. > …Sunday evening in our study through 1 Corinthians we were all moved by the truth that we are the Temple of the Holy Spirit. What is the Temple, what was in it, what went on in it, and what was absolutely NOT found in the Temple? Examining our lives we found that our "temples" needed some cleansing. God is faithful to be gracious to us. > Our God is an Awesome God. > Bro. Johnny Taylor, pastor, reporting. > + > ***White Hall First Baptist Church > August Sunday School average - 294 > Worship Services - 457 > …One young person for baptism. > …First Baptist Church, White Hall (8708 Dollarway Road) will host the Living Proof Live Simulcast with Beth Moore on Saturday, September 13, 2014 from 8:15 am-3:15 pm (doors open at 7:45 am). Tickets are $20 per person which includes fee, lunch, and break. Please call (870) 247-3124 for more information or to purchase your tickets > Sec. Robin Bolen reporting. > Paul Williams, pastor > .(Note: Chance Gober who was killed in the train wreck was a nephew of Robin Bolen. > Back in the mid 1970s Robin’s mother and father, Charles and Jean Owens, were important members of North Side Baptist in Star City. They felt led to go to Honduras to assist in a missionary ministry there. Pastor Stephen Harrison of Family Church wrote on his Facebook page, "Chance Gober was a good man and a good friend. We just had breakfast last week and were talking about setting up a golf time. He loved Jesus and his kids. What a tragedy! I remember him saying to me at breakfast, "Life is short. It's gotta be used wisely to love Jesus and my family. Stuff in this world just isn't important as it used to be." My heart and prayers go out to his family and especially the boys. He loved you! I will miss you Chance but see you one day in Heaven. It was an honor to be your friend and pastor.) > Note: Pastor Harrison also lost his mother during the week. Elwin Ollar's mother was first cousin to Rendall Harrison, Stephen's father.) > + > ***Plum Bayou Baptist Church > At PBBC we began with watermelon, cantaloupe, toast and jelly, cake etc. this 24th day of August 2014 -- Plenty of food and fellowship. > …There were 38 in Sunday School. Praise the Lord, before the preaching hour Bro. Seth baptized Mark Lotshaw. Amen!! > …Another 18 people were there for this profession of faith and welcomed..Mark into our church family. Our new baptistery heater is really working overtime. We are so thankful for these blessings in Jesus Holy Name. > Text: MARK 11: 27-33 > Bro. Seth asked, "WHO IS THE AUTHORITY OVER YOU"? The Jewish leaders were still mad about Jesus' cleansing of the temple. They demanded that Jesus tell them where He got His authority. Jesus was destroying their control over the people. When they asked Him the question, He in turn asked them a question: by whose authority did John baptize? from heaven or men? They discussed this among themselves. > They knew that any answer would entrap them, so they said they did not know. So Jesus disappointed them by answering "Neither will I tell you by what authority I do these things". God has authority over all of us. We can confess our sins and He will cleanse us. We are all sinners and we need God! > …Choose Life met at 3:00. The Youth Commitment met at 5:00. Another busy day of service to/for others. > …Sunday night the Youth class led our song service. We are so proud of our Youth. Thank you Lord. > 33 people were in attendance. Bro. Seth taught us how to recognize a false god/teacher. I Samuel 5:1-12 > 1. Does it acquire assembly? If it breaks would we have to put it back together? Dagon fell and broke into pieces. > 2. Does it inflict illness or can it heal an illness? The tumors and mice were plaguing the people. > 3. Can it protect and redeem? Does it have love and mercy? > Come join us at PLUM BAYOU BAPTIST CHURCH and like us on facebook or on 8410 AR Hwy 256 in Wright, AR. > Dianne Aiken-Reporting > Bro. Seth Givens-Pastor > + > ***Dumas First Baptist Church > SS 138, but the church was packed with maybe 200 people, evidence that new pastor Dubs Byers is well liked as a preacher. > One young couple joined by letter. > Sec. Jan Martin reporting. > + > ***Immanuel Baptist Church > Sunday’s attendance was way up over the previous week; between 40 and 50 for Bible Study and Worship. > …On our first trip with our new bus we picked up two for Bible Study and are expecting more this coming week as the word gets out. > …We had one join by letter. > …In the afternoon a room full of members met to plan for our 100 year anniversary which is set for October 5. It has been a very good week of ministry here at Immanuel. > Pastor Don Taylor reporting > + > ***Victory Baptist Church at Back Gate / Pendleton near Dumas. > Taken from Pastor Chris Russell’s Facebook page for August 24th. > “God allowed us to see 7 professions of faith today out on our Super Soul Winning Sunday visits. To God be the glory!” > + > ***Kingsland First Southern Baptist Church 8-24-2014 > 51--Sunday School > 53--AM Worship Service > …Bro. Thomas Lanthrip filled the pulpit at the AM & PM services. The AM service was "Biblical Salvation", with scriptures: Romans 10:1-9; 11-18. We must have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ; Jesus wants us to come and rest in Him; This life is preparation of the life to come. > …Special music was by Jodi Reaves, singing "I Will Rise." > …The Praise Team did two numbers, with Bradley Golden and Jodi Reaves. There were 9 singers. They sang: "Now Is The Time To Worship" and "God Of Wonders." > Submitted By: > Jo Ann Johnson, Music/Financial Secretary > + > ***Pine Bluff First Baptist Church > We had good attendance, great music, several visitors, and wonderful morning worship service. > …We had the "Blessing of the Backpacks" for our kids, parents, and teachers. > …The message was on the subject, "Your Most Precious Possession", Mark 8:34-38. > …The afternoon service was at Trinity Village, and had very good attendance. The message was from Hebrews 10:10-14, "What the Bible Says About Salvation" Some committee meetings after that. > …The last session of "It Could Happen Tomorrow" entitled, "The Glorious Appearing" will be shown on Sunday evening, September 7, at 6 pm. This has been a wonderful series of study that I highly recommend. Our folks loved it. > …This Sunday, 31 August, Bro. David Perry, Executive Director of Arkansas Baptist Children’s Homes, will be our guest speaker in the morning worship service. > …Our Men's Bible Study starts back next Wednesday, 3 September, at 9 am. Can't wait! > …We have revival services coming up 5-8 October, with Bro. Greg Addison (Associate Executive Director at Arkansas Baptist State Convention), Bro Dewayne Tanton, Bro. Johnny Taylor, Bro. M. L. Faler, and Bro. Rudy Davis as our guest speakers. > God bless you, brother! > Pastor William Ken Thornton reporting. > + > ***Kearney Baptist Church, Jefferson, Arkansas > 16 in Sunday School. > 33 for worship services. > Pastor Bro. Reggie Heidelberg preached the word. > Jeff Crane reporting. > + > ***Yorktown First Baptist Church > We started the day at 9:30 with coffee, juice, cinnamon rolls doughnuts and fellowship. …We had 60 for Sunday School with 34 more for Morning Worship making a total of 94. Our Evening Service count was 32. > …We made plans to meet next Sunday at 9:00am to pray for our upcoming revival. Come and join us September 21@6:00pm and 22-24@6:30pm for our fall revival with Brother Matt Weaver. > Marie Draper reporting > Robert Greene Pastor > (Note: Chance Gober, the train engineer who was killed, was a great nephew of the late Eula and Deacon Roy Baugh of Yorktown. Ms. Eula Baugh was a sister to Josie Owens, Chance’s great grandmother.) > + > ***Sulphur Springs Baptist Church > We had a blessed day of worship with 26 in SS and 31 for Worship. > … Mike Heird played and sang “Casting All Our Crowns at His Feet” for the special music. > … Bro. Carl Lott brought the message from Philippians 2:1-11 on "Servant Hood”. What do you think about when you hear the word servant hood? It is a willingness to serve. How do we become servant minded? By having a servant’s heart based on Christ. What’s your motivation for being a servant in the body of Christ? Jesus was willing to die for us (selfless). Service to others is about doing what is right. Do you have a servant’s heart? > …There were 17 people present for evening worship. > … Mike Heird played and sang “For Those Tears I Died” for the special music. > … Bro. Carl brought the message from Proverbs 7:1-27 on “Beware of a Woman of Easy Morals”. We have both physical and spiritual implications in the scripture. Spiritual adultery (prostitute). Faith in Jesus + Nothing = Salvation. > Hope all have a blessed week! > …This past Friday (August 22, 2014) we lost Mary Lou Torres. > Mary Lou Torres, age 87, of Pine Bluff, died Friday, August 22, 2014, at Jefferson Regional Medical Center. Arrangements will be announced by Ralph Robinson & Son Funeral Directors - > Carlos Lott Pastor > Tommy Carter reporting. > + > ***Fellowship Bible Baptist Church at Star City > SS 36 Worship 50. > …Sunday we finished our study in Romans 7 and started the last phase of this series. We started at conviction, to confession, into the process of repentance, and then the process of transformation. Hope everyone else had a good day. > Bro Pete Kiefhaber, pastor > + > ***Rankin Chapel > We had our usual 35ish Sunday Morning, and we had a wonderful presence of the HOLY SPIRIT. > …The message came from 2 Timothy 2:1 - 13; Strong in Grace. > …The Sunday night message was a word study on "elect", chosen, another good time in the LORD. > Brother Monty Meek, pastor, reporting. > + > ***Linwood > Yesterday, at Linwood, several of our folks were back, but we still had some last minute vacations and “get-away’s”, so we had 10 in Bible study and 12 in worship. > …My sermon came from Luke 7:36-50 where the woman, uninvited, came to Jesus while He was reclining at Simon the Pharisee’s home, having a meal. She ministers to Jesus out of love for His forgiveness. In fact, the entire passage deals with our Christian duty to forgive. Why? Because we’ve been forgiven so much. Others may need our forgiveness because they’ve only sinned against us -- 5 Denarii; but when we realize we probably were the debtor that owed God 500 Denarii and we couldn’t pay Him. His grace forgave us. Therefore we are to forgive others. It was interesting to study the Greek to see that the woman had been saved sometime earlier and came to Jesus because of her lavish love for Him. He forgave her and now she’s showing Him love. How do we show Him our love? How do others see our love for Him? > …Hopefully many of our pastors have enrolled for the OBU Pastor’s workshop September 25. Blessings on our pastoral leadership across the Association! > Pastor Garey B. Scott, Sr, reporting. > + > ***Star City First Baptist Church > We had a great day at FBC Star City! There were 137 in Sunday School and 173 in Worship Service. > ..Pastor Marcus Rogers brought a message on "Where is your JOY?" from Galatians 5:22. Evening worship was also well attended. > Sec. Nancy (Polly) McGhee reporting. > + > ***Bethel Baptist Church near Gould > Bethel had 13 for Bible Study, 15 for Worship Service. > Fran Flowers, adult SS teacher, reporting. > Charles Calhoun, Pastor with wife Eddie > + > ***Altheimer First Baptist Church > August 24, 2014 > Sunday School.......16 > Worship Service.....32 > …Bro. Travis was back in the pulpit continuing his series in Colossians. The message was called "Opening Doors" from Colossians 4:2-6. Special music was provided by Judy Harden. It was "Four Days Late". > EVENING SERVICE......16 > …Bro. Travis jumped into Exodus 8:16-19 for a message on "God's Fingerprints" for a study of Moses. > Adelle Taylor, reporting > Travis Thompson, Pastor > + > ***Star City North Side Baptist Church > Six was the number … Six in SS. Six for worship and six in the evening. A low week for us. Hope everyone else has a better week. > …Matt Watson preached the word. > Linda Bailey reporting. > + > ***Hickory Grove > We had 14 for Sunday School and 15 for Preaching Service last Sunday. And we had 17 for the Sunday Night Service. > …We are looking forward to the fifth Sunday, Sunday Night Singing and Fellowship Supper. We enjoy singing and eating. Mary and I had lunch Sunday with Virgil and Elosie Glover to celebrate Brother Virgil's birthday. He will be 91 on August 28 th. > Bill Hilburn reporting > + > ***Matthews Memorial Baptist Church > We had good attendance on the 24th. Everyone who has been in and out of service for the past few weeks was back. We had 27 in Sunday School and 34 in Morning Worship. > …Bro. Gene was in the pulpit and for the most part is doing well. > Charles Mitchell reporting. > Gene Murdock, pastor. > + > ***Central Baptist Church at Dew Drop > CBC had a good Sunday. Allen continued in his sermon series "How Do you > Know?" in 2 John. Decent worship attendance. > In His service, > Berrik Brumley > Pastor of Worship Arts & Discipleship > Allen Elkins, pastor. > + > ***Gould First Baptist > We had another good day at Gould FBC with several visitors. I think attendance was a little over 40 in worship hour. > …Jordan Ferris was our speaker for the morning service. > …May the Lord bless us all as we continue to serve Him. > Reporter, Cora Tiner > + > ***River Road - contact was out of town. > + > ***Anderson Chapel > 34 in attendance. > Bro. Larry Wilkerson preached. > This coming Saturday night the Sounds of Calvary Quarter from Crossett will present a concert at 6:00 p.m. Come visit with us. > Marjorie Roberson reporting. > + > ***Greenlee Memorial Baptist > Pastor Jim Watson returned to the pulpit, though still not yet feeling a hundred percent. 54 were in attendance. He preached from Heb. 2. What a Savior we have that would leave all to save us. > + > ***Green Meadows > SS attendance was 23, but overall attendance was double that. > Mike Holcomb filled the pulpit. > James Naron reporting. (Took last chemo treatment. Now, for another scan. Pray) > + > ***Watson Chapel Baptist Church > SS attendance was 447. > It was a special day with the Worldview Conference. Professor Ted Wright preached three services. There were 5 additions. Three were by baptism. > Congratulations to Music Director Allen McKinley and wife Rose on their 20th anniversary. > Audra Ball reporting. > Todd Howard, pastor. > + > ***Claud Road Baptist Church > 34 in SS and 37 for worship. > Special music by Augusta Weaver and the choir, led by Dennis Reaves. > Pastor Mark Staples preached on the changing power of prayer from the book of Acts. > + > ***Shannon Road Baptist Church > SS Supt. Jim Wilson reported SS attendance of 97 and 129 in the worship services. He encouraged all those who were coming in to come a little earlier and try a Sunday School class. > …The women announced a bake sale to add to the collection for the Dixie Jackson Mission offering. > …Steve Church led the music and Kim Wreyford Bell brought the special music -- “Let them see you!” > …Pastor Josh Blevins was fired up as he preached a message from Luke 19:1-10 about Zacheus, emphasizing how terrible he was and how great God’s grace was to save him. A good group of ameners, like Assoc. Gene Triplett agged him on. > Almost twenty people hit the altar to pray during the invitation. > + > ***South Pine Wood > Attendance was 27. > Pastor Billy Burkes preached from Psalms about how the Hebrew children going into captivity hung their harps on the willow trees and mourned as they remembered Zion. We should take time to remember how good it is to be in God’s will. > + > ***Oak Grove north of Dexter Gate > Pastor M. L. Faler reports SS attendance of 53 and 68 for church. Mark Estes led the singing and wife Diane brought special music. The message was about the “Rapture.” Good crowd Sunday night for the 1 Samuel series. > + > ***Grady First Baptist -- Pastor Raymond Reed > Mary JoAnne Cresswell, of Grady, passed away on Tuesday, August 19, 2014 at her home. Daughter of the late Earl and Bertha Dobson, JoAnne was born on July 25, 1932 in Almyra. > ...She was preceded in death by her husband Kenneth. > ...She is survived by their children; Debbie Anderson (Hot Springs), Karen Lawson (White Hall), Kathy Griffin (Sherwood), Pam Riegler (Grady), Sharon Crass (Monticello), and Ken Cresswell (Alma); six grandchildren and seven great grandchildren. JoAnne’s siblings include Earl Dobson Jr. (Pine Bluff), Ruth Perritt (Tamo), John Dobson (Ash Flat), the late Rev. Dallas Dobson (Pasco Wa.) and the late Pete Dobson (Grady). > ...Graveside services were held at Grady Cemetery. Memorials may be made to Hospice Angels, 3801 Camden Road #12, Pine Bluff, Ark. 71603. > ...Arrangements by Griffin Funeral Service in Star City. Online guestbook at > + > ***Hope I didn’t miss anyone that wanted to share. Thanks for helping. Couldn’t do this without you. Keep up the good work. Honor the Lord. > Bobby


Classes underway at Williams

WALNUT RIDGE – After a weekend full of new and returning students moving back to campus, classes started on Monday, Aug. 25, at Williams Baptist College (WBC).

Many athletes and student leaders have been on campus, preparing for the fall semester, since earlier in the month. The freshman class arrived at Williams last Friday, and they spent the weekend participating in Ascend Orientation activities. Upperclassmen moved into Williams residence halls on Sunday afternoon, and classes began first thing Monday morning.

“Williams has been working hard all summer preparing for the students’ return. We are having a great time meeting the new freshmen and welcoming back the upperclassmen,” said Williams President Tom Jones. 

This academic year will be highlighted by various development projects around campus, such as the opening of the expanded and renovated Mabee-Gwinup Cafeteria. The Billy Harty Dining Room has been added to the student dining area, which more than doubles its seating capacity. Other new amenities have been added to the cafeteria, as well.

Williams athletics have also expanded, as men’s and women’s cross country and men’s wrestling will compete in their first seasons.

“A new dining hall, a new athletic annex, new sports, the largest freshman class in recent history – it’s an exhilarating time to be at WBC,” concluded Jones.


Fianna Hills Baptist to hold worship night Sept. 7

Fianna Hills Baptist Church in Fort Smith will hold a worship night called “Hymns+: Cherishing the Old and Embracing the New” at 6 p.m. Sept. 7. The event, led by the church’s worship team, will include “psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs” (Eph. 5:19; Col. 3:16). Throughout the evening, Psalms and other Scriptures will be read, both old and new hymns will be sung and a couple modern worship songs will be sung. Attendees will explore the history of church music, as well as embrace newer music.


Golden Age Senior Adult Conference Sept. 25 at Williams Baptist College

WALNUT RIDGE – The northeast Arkansas Southern Baptist associations and Williams Baptist College will sponsor the Golden Age Senior Adult Conference, with the theme It’s a New Day, Sept. 25 at Williams Baptist College in Walnut Ridge.

The event will feature Archie Mason, pastor of Central Baptist Church, Jonesboro, and president of the Arkansas Baptist State Convention (ABSC), and J.D. “Sonny” Tucker, ABSC executive director. The Lindsey Family will provide music. Preregistration is required by Sept. 11. To register, visit or call the Greene County Baptist Association at 870-236-3213.


Harmony Share Report for 8-17-2014

Prepared by Retired Pastor Bobby Lamb, Harmony Baptist Association

***Hardin Baptist Church

We thank God for the salvation of one of our young boys. He was saved at home on Thursday evening and came forward Sunday morning to make public profession and be baptized.

God is good all the time.

Pastor Johnny Taylor reporting


***Central Baptist Church

You could tell that it was the Sunday before school starts. Many of our Summer travelers were finally back with us and our attendance in our worship celebration was up.

…We had the privilege of watching as another father baptize his little girl this Sunday! God has been moving in our children's ministry and in the families of CBC!

In His service,

Berrik Brumley, Pastor of Worship Arts & Discipleship

Allen Elkins, Pastor

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