Multihousing conference set for Aug. 24

LITTLE ROCK – The Arkansas Baptist State Convention (ABSC) missions ministries team will host the Multi-Housing Missions Conference Aug. 24 at the ABSC building in Little Rock. 

The event’s goal is to help churches reach those who live in multihousing settings, such as apartments, trailer parks and retirement centers. The conference will give attendees the tools to help reach people in such settings through multihousing ministry or through planting a church in a multihousing setting.

FreemanSpeakers will focus on multihousing missions development, church planting in multihousing settings and prayer walking. Attendees can also choose to attend one of the following breakout sessions: strategy for multihousing missions, the basics of simple church in multihousing settings or children’s ministry.

“Statistics show us that 57 percent of Americans live in multihousing and 95 percent of those people living in multihousing are without Christ. Wow! What a mission field in our back door,” said Breck Freeman, ABSC missions ministries team member and church and community mission strategist for the convention.

Registration deadline is Aug. 16.

For more information, call 800-838-2272, ext. 5150.


Five reasons young adults need to be a member of a local church

Josh Mauldin
FBC, Fayetteville

Too often today we see young adults taking a hiatus from the local church. Sometimes we see them walk away completely from the faith. Scripture has some things to tell us about the importance of not only attending but investing in the local church. The following are some of the reasons God’s Word tells us that it is important to be in a local church.

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How to talk to your children about sex

Ben Phillips
Arkansas Baptist State Convention 

Christian parents are losing the battle on all fronts in the cultural war on sex and the casualties are their children, grandchildren, and future generations. Children hear a few messages from parents and the church and an overwhelming number of messages from the media, friends, and school. Instead of parents having “the talk,” they must have “multiple talks” with their children to equip their children with a biblical worldview regarding sexuality.

The book of Proverbs illustrates the example of parents teaching children 27 times, primarily the father teaching his son, providing a model for parents. Included in Proverbs are examples of a father taking initiative to warn and guide his son to make wise choices in the sexual arena of his life. Proverbs devotes almost three entire chapters to this subject in 2:16-20, 5:1-23, 6:20-29, 7:1-27. The repetition of these references emphasizes the continuous role of parents frequently teaching their children in the home to walk the right path.

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How to address human trafficking issues in your church

Debbie Moore
Arkansas Baptist State Convention

Like the priest in the Good Samaritan story, we would rather avert our eyes and pretend not to see some things. Human trafficking is one of those things. We want to believe that slavery, child labor, sex trafficking, and human trafficking are exaggerations or nonexistent. However, human trafficking is occurring across the globe and yes, even in Arkansas. How can we stop this problem?

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On Mission: Summer mission involvement ideas for your family

Charity Gardner
Arkansas Baptist State Convention

Summer is the season known for camps, swimming pools and no school! This season, try to take advantage of spending time with your family. Time can be spent together in many ways. Here are some teachable moment ideas for the whole family.

GardnerTake a family vacation. While planning a family vacation, be intentional about stopping by an inner city mission center or taking time to visit a missionary along the way. Be sure to contact the missionary before leaving for vacation. Ask the missionary if there are needs your family could assist with in their ministry. As a part of the vacation, allow time to visit with the missionary, to hear about their ministry and maybe even work alongside the missionary.

Adopt a local park to clean during the summer. Your family could plan a children’s activity once a week in the park. Be sure to get permission for the children’s activity. What a way to spend quality time with the family and a wonderful way to get to know neighbors and the community. The possibility of learning about a family that needs a church family is likely.

Start a Backyard Bible Club. This will provide time for your family to get to know neighbors and the community but also introduce children and their families to simple Bible stories.

Invite a child of a missionary (missionary kid) to spend the week with your family in your home. Missionary kids spend time away from their family once they reach college. Take a missionary kid on a tour of your local historical sites, natural sites (parks, mountains, rivers) and fun tourist sites. Provide time when the missionary kid can share with your family about themselves and their culture. 

Summer can be full of excitement and fun for family and friends. Make the most of the time with your family and be intentional in planning activities.

Charity Gardner is a member of the Arkansas Baptist State Convention (ABSC) missions support team. Email her at for information about missions equipping and mobilizing for students. This article originally appeared at

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