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How to talk to your children about sex

Ben Phillips
Arkansas Baptist State Convention 

Christian parents are losing the battle on all fronts in the cultural war on sex and the casualties are their children, grandchildren, and future generations. Children hear a few messages from parents and the church and an overwhelming number of messages from the media, friends, and school. Instead of parents having “the talk,” they must have “multiple talks” with their children to equip their children with a biblical worldview regarding sexuality.

The book of Proverbs illustrates the example of parents teaching children 27 times, primarily the father teaching his son, providing a model for parents. Included in Proverbs are examples of a father taking initiative to warn and guide his son to make wise choices in the sexual arena of his life. Proverbs devotes almost three entire chapters to this subject in 2:16-20, 5:1-23, 6:20-29, 7:1-27. The repetition of these references emphasizes the continuous role of parents frequently teaching their children in the home to walk the right path.

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